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vocab 13-15

to adjust or change adapt
to fit together exactly dovetail
to hesitate, stumble, lose courage falter
abandoned forlorn
obstacle impediment
hang around loiter
short but full of meaning pithy
a silly, forced smile simper
much boasted about vaunted
a child without a home or friend waif
to make stronger, larger, greater amplify
to give up all claim to disclaim
too convinced of one's own importance arrogant
to drift apart or become unfriendly estrange
without limit, endless infinite
relatives, related, similar kindred
a suitable place niche
ready to collapse ramshackle
unthinking routine rote
long and tiresome tedious
a deep or bottomless pit abyss
of supreme importance crucial
to give form to embody
the complete collapse or failure of a project fiasco
an inheritance heritage
working for self-gain only mercenary
a state of being forgotten oblivion
pale, lacking color pallid
sensible, reasonable rational
a limitation or restriction; a criticism stricture