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Irish Léamhthuiscint

Vocabulary for comprehensions

insurance office oifig árachais
Gaeltacht area in Galway Indreabhán
tourists an locht túrasóireachta
damage damáiste/dochar
the native donkey an t-asal dúchasach
the festival an féile
in honour of in onóir de
I have pity for.. Tá trua agam do..
proffesional Profaisiúnta/Gairimiúil
orchestra ceolfhoireann
music place/school of music ceoláras
I'm jealous of... Tá éad agam do..
did you bother? Ar bhac tú?
cooler (weather) níos fionnuaire
entertainment siamsaíocht
hotel an t-óstán
b&b teach ósta
house (3ways) teach, tigh, áras
munster Cúige Mumhan
the Dáil An Teachta Dála
industry tionscal
factory an monarcha
drought triomach
floods tuillte
earthquake crith talún
tsunami ollthonn
cooling-point reo-phointe
boiling-point pointe beirithe
heat an t-eas
stream an sruth
ocean an t-aigéan
missing in easneamh/ar strae
wings sciatháin
tail eireaball
air hostess an bean/fear ósta
pilot píolóta
Asia an áise
USA Na Stáit Aontaithe
forest (2) an foraois/coill
royal family an clann ríoga
event ócáid/eachtra
the minister an tAire
judge Breitheamh
evidence an fhianaise
recording an taifeadadh
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