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SW Asia

Rub Al Khali Summer temps often exceed 150 F. Empty Quarter. No vegetation.
An Nafud Some Vegetation due to Oasis and underground springs.
Syrian Desert Crops can be grown here with irrigation.
Semi-Arid Lands Good pastures for animals. Grows cotton and wheat.
Coastal Lands Coastal Lands: Crops grown year round. Heavily populated.
Drip irrigation using small pipes that slowly drip water to conserve.
Desalinization removal of salt from ocean water. Sometimes too salty for irrigation so it’s used in sewage systems. Plants are expensive and low output.
Fossil Water water pumped from underground aquifers. Because of very little rainfall, may run out in 25 to 30 years.
Crude Oil Oil that has not been refined.
Pipelines buried method of transporting oil that reduces danger of spills.
Tankers Danger of collisions or running aground that may cause oil spills.
Arabian Peninsula Borders Africa. Separated by Red Sea on South west, Persian Gulf on the east. Nomadic Lives searching for water.
Anatolian Peninsula Borders Europe. Located between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.
Iranian Plateau Surrounded by Mountains. Foothills produce crops.
Afghanistan Northern Plain Well watered, surrounded by higher mountains that isolate it.
Elburz mountains South of Caspian Sea. Cuts off easy access for Iran.
Taurus Mountains Separate Turkey from Southwest Asia.
Tigris and Euphrates Support the Fertile Crescent. Mostly in Iraq. Join in the South creating swamps.
Jordan River Serves as a border between Jordan and Israel. Feeds the Dead Sea.
Dead Sea So salty only bacteria can survive and you cannot sink. 31.5% salt.
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