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Current Electricity

What is electric current? The movement of charge (electrons) through a conductor in a controlled way
What is needed to make electrons flow? Electrical energy
What is needed for electrical energy? A battery or generator which will cause electrons to move
How is electric current measured? In amperes
One ampere is equivalent to? One Coulomb of charge per second past a measuring point
How is electric current measured? With an Ammeter
One ammeter in electrons? 6.25 x 10^18 electrons/sec
One Coulomb in electrons? 6.25 x 10^18 electrons
How do you use an Ammeter? Must be hooked up in circuit so electrons flow through it (connected in series)
Electrical quantity symbol for a current? I
Measurement symbol for Ampere? A
Purpose of circuit breakers and fuses? To prevent fires
How do circuit breakers and fuses work? They are connected in a serie
What happens if too much current flows through wires? The breaker/fuse breaks, creating open circuit (stops electricity)
What do you do when the circuit malfunctions? Use ammeter to check current
How does the body use electrical impulses? Brain controls body/muscles by using electrical impulses
What happens when the body is exposed to 0.001A? Tingle
What happens when the body is exposed to 0.05-0.15A? Contraction/convulsion and "let-go" threshold (cannot release object electrocuting you)
What happens when the body is exposed to 1-4.3A? Heart stops
How much electricity is in a wall outlet? 15A
Created by: lovinglifexoxo