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Science Words 1-15

Missouri Science Words to Know #1-15

accurate correct
advantage a factor or circumstance that benefits its possessor
analyze to separate something into its parts in order to examine them; to study or examine carefully
apparent appearing such, but not necessarily so; seeming
assess determine the value, significance, or extent of; appraise
balance 1)a device used to measure mass; it works by balancing an "unknown" with a standard mass that is known 2)a state of equilibrium, as in an ecosystem
bar graph A graph which answers the question: "What is the measurement for each item?" Note: a bar graph is appropriate when each item is has a discrete or categorical value .
beneficial providing benefits or advantages
bias a mental leaning, inclination, or prejudice
calculate to ascertain by computation; reckon
category a collection of things sharing a common attribute
characteristic A feature that helps to identify, tell apart, or describe recognizably; a distinguishing mark or trait.
chart a visual display of information
classify to arrange in classes or categories
composed to form by continuum, make up
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