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Light vocabulary

Light travels in straight paths called: rays
How do we remember the colors of the visible spectrum? ROY G BIV
Which color in the visible spectrum has the longest wavelength? Red
Which color in the visible spectrum has the shortest wavelength? Violet
How fast does light travel? 186,000 miles per second
When light bounces off an object it is: reflected
When light is bent, it is: refracted
When light is absorbed by an object it is turned to: heat
When light travels through an object it is: transmitted
A lens or mirror that is thicker in the middle and thinner at the edges convex
A lens or mirror that is thinner in the middle and thicker at the edges concave
Dark colored clothing will ___________ light and turn it into ____________ absorb ; heat
Light colored clothing will ___________ light and help keep you _____________ reflect ; cool
Objects that let all light pass through them are: transparent
Objects that let no light pass through them are: opaque
Objects that allow some light, but not all, to pass through them are: translucent
When light hits an object and is stopped, it is: absorbed
Clear glass, clean water, and air are: transparent
Bricks, wood, and metals are: opaque
Stained glass windows are: translucent
Aluminum foil is: opaque
Wax paper is: translucent
Saran Wrap is: transparent
A piece of glass shaped like a triangular prism that refracts light and separates it into the colors of the rainbow (ROY G BIV) prism
Light from the sun that we feel as heat: infrared
Light from the sun that gives us a sunburn: ultraviolet
Light from the sun that doctors use to see our bones: x-ray
The small amount of light that we get from the sun that our eyes can actually see: visible light
The light with the longest wavelength radio waves
The light with the shortest (most dangerous) wavelength gamma rays
Created by: PRO Teacher lit123