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Fungus, Science

What are the cell walls made of? Chitin
What do decomposers do? Recycle materials in the environment
Name the three domains. Archaea, bacteria, eukarya
Which domain(s) contain prokaryotes? Archaea, bacteria
List the 6 kingdoms. Protists, fungi, plants, animal, archea-bacteria, eubacteria
What are the two different architectures of cells? Prokaryote and eukaryote
_____________ cells are smaller, simpler, and unicellular. Prokaryote cells
What is the slimy outer coating? Capsule
Tougher middle layer is the _______. Cell wall
What is the delicate inner skin? Cell membrane
What is the inner liquid filling? Cytoplasm
This is used for sticking to things. Pili
_________ is used for swimming. Flagella
These are used for building proteins. Ribosomes
Describe the prokaryote lifestyle. -unicellular -colonial -filamentous
What does photosynthetic mean? They get energy from sunlight
What do decomposers feed on? Dead organisms
_____________ cells are bigger and more complicated. Eukaryote cells
What do eukaryote cells contain? Organelles, chromosomes
Eukaryote cells can be ___________. Multicellular
Eukaryotes include what two cells? Animal and plant cells
What are organelles? Mini "organs' that have unique structures and functions
Organelles are located where? Cytoplasm
Name two decomposers. Fungus and bacteria
Created by: marionbwms