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SS Chapter 9 Vocab

Sod Grass roots and dirt that form the grounds top layer
Transcontinental railroads Rail line that crosses the entire country
Interstate highway system Set of wide fast interconnecting highways to link the states
Fur trade The exchange of animal skins for other tools such as cloth guns and knives
Steamboat Boat powered by a steam engine
Drought Time of little rain
Mission Settlement set up by religious group to teach its religion and to help people of the area
Dust Bowl Area in the Midwest and Southwest that suffered the most during the drought in the 1930s
Hub Center of activity
Trading post Type of store at which goods are traded
Mound Pile of earth or stones
Jacques Marquette French priest and explorer of Midwest
Louis Jolliet French Canadian that explored Midwest
Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable His trading post became Chicago
John Deere Made steel plow to make farming easier
Meriweather Lewis and William Clark Two explorers sent by Jefferson to travel the Mississippi River to its source.
Mark Twain Writer from Missouri whose real name was Samuel Clemens
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