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Genki L12 Vocab

Lesson 12 Vocabulary

あし leg; foot
いみ meaning
おてあらい restroom
おなか stomach
かぜ cold
かのじょ girlfriend
かれ boyfriend
きおん temperature (weather; not used for things)
くもり cloudy weather
しあい match; game
ジュース juice
せいじ politics
せいせき grade (on a test, etc.)
せき cough
のど throat
はな flower
はれ sunny weather
ふく clothes
ふつかよい hangover
プレゼント present
ホームシック homesick
マイナス minus
もの thing (concrete object)
ゆき snow
ようじ business to take care of
あまい sweet
いたい hurt; painful
おおい there are many...
せまい narrow; not spacious
つごうがわるい inconvenient; to have a scheduling conflict
わるい bad
すてき(な) nice
あるく to walk
かぜおひく to catch a cold
きょうみがある to be interested (in...)
なくす to lose
ねつがある to have a fever
のどがかわく to become thirsty
せきがでる to cough
わかれる to break up; to separate
きんちょうする to get nervous
しんぱいする to worry
おだいじに Get well soon.
げんきがない don't look well
たぶん probably; maybe
できるだけ as much as possible
~でしょう probably;..., right?
~ど ...degrees (temperature)
にさんにち for two to three days
~ので because...
はじめて for the first time
もうすぐ very soon; in a few moments/days
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