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Racell Resource Stac


Resource Management Managing of resource harvesting so that resources are not depleted
Maximum Sustainable Yield MSY
Ecosystem-based Management To harvest resources in ways that minimize impact on the ecosystems and ecological processes that provide the resources
Adaptive Management Scientifically testing different management approaches in an area, one after the other, and then customizing an approach based on results
Even-aged Results of the regrowth of trees that were mostly all cut at the same time
Uneven-aged Results from the regrowth of trees that were cut at different times
Clear-cutting A method in which all of the trees in an area are cut at once
Seed-tree Approach Small numbers of mature and healthy seed-producing trees are left standing so that they can reseed logged areas
Shelterwood Approach Small numbers of mature trees are left in place to provide shelter for seedlings as they grow
Selection System Only some of the trees in a forest are cut
Deforestation The clearing of a forest and the replacement of it by another land use
Old-growth Forest Forest that has never been logged
Multiple Use Forest that are managed for more than one use
Monoculture Large-scale plantings of a single crop
Prescribed Burns Restoring ecosystems that depend on fire (Aka: Controlled Burns)
Salvage Logging The removal of snags following a natural disturbance
Sustainable Forestry Certification Given to products that are produced using methods they consider sustainable
Mineral Naturally occurring, inorganic solid
Precipitation When the liquid in a solution evaporates and the remaining solids crystalize
Polymorph A mineral consisting of the same elements or compounds, but have different crystal structures due to the conditions under which they formed
Created by: RavellF