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NUSP 534

Study questions

An increase in C-reactive protein is an inflammatory marker that is generally associated with Acute Myocardial infarction
Ture or false: will subclavian steel will cause orthostatic hypotension False
This classification of medication slows AV delay Calcium channel blockers
This type of skin cancer has the highest mortality rate Melanoma
The pharmacological effect of Nitroglycerine is to decrease Preload
A lack of or decrease in insulin hormone receptors on cells can result in which type of diabetes Type II
The EKG is the best initial assessment tool for Acute Coronary Syndrome
Dry cough is the most common side effect associated with this classification of this medication Ace inhibitors
This is another term for adrenal insufficiency Addisons Disease
This hormone stimulates insulin secretion growth hormone
Large fluctuation in blood glucose, such as hypoglycemia symptoms in a patient with hyperglycemia is called Somogy effect
This is another term for hyperthyroidism Graves disease
Paresthesia of the fingers, sensitivity to cold, dry scaly skin are symptoms of hypothyroidism
Beta Blockers and Aspirin have shown to be beneficial in patients who have had this acute condition Myocardial infarction
JVD, edema to lower extremities and hepatojugular reflux are signs and symptoms of Heart Failure
This classification of medications is not given to those with reactive airway disease Beta Blockers
This diagnostic tool is used in patients with known CAD or those experiencing an acute cardiac event Cardiac Angiography
puritic lesions annular red plaques with silvery scales are characteristics of this skin disorder Psoriasis
This medication is generally given to those with New onset Atrial fibrillation Warfarin
Term used to describe a disorder of energy utilization and storage, diagnosed by occurrence of 3 out of 5 of the following medical conditions: central obesity, elevated blood pressure, elevated fasting plasma glucose, high triglycerides Metabolic syndrome
This peptide is secreted in response to excessing stretching of the heart muscles Brain natriuretic peptide
This is the primary pathophysiologic abnormality in Cor Pulmonale Pulmonary Hypertension
Clients with this chronic condition is characterized by flushing or facial erythema and acne like bumps. Affects mostly faired skin middle aged women Rosacea
This test should be drawn on patients prior to starting Statin therapy Liver Enzymes
Before starting patient on ace inhibitor, this blood level should be evaluated prior to starting treatment creatinine
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