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Rainforest_Biome hot & humid, tall trees form a canopy; most diverse in plants and animals
Coniferous Forest(Taiga)_Biome Cold, covered with coniferous(have cones)trees, such as pine and spruce. Fauna includes ears, wolves, and insects
Temperate Deciduous Forest_Biome Covers most of eastern US. Trees lose their leaves in fall; Fauna includes squirrel, deer, fox and a variety of insects
Temperate Grassland_Biome hot in summmer and cold in winter, few trees, some shrubs; fauna includes praire dogs and buffalo
Savanna Grassland_Biome largest LAND biome, many short grasses that are often destroyed by overgrazing, fauna include lions and antelope
Desert_Biome hot/dry, little to no rainfall, plants have long roots to help store water; fauna includes snakes, lizards, and scorpions
Marine_Biome salt water, covers about 70% of world; fauna include whales, crabs, sharks, dolphins
Tundra_Biome cold with permafrost; fauna includes musk oxen & caribou. This region circles the Artic Ocean at North Pole
Estuary where rivers empty into the marine biome; includes marsh grasses, brackish water, algae, crabs and oysters
Biome large region characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types of flora and animal communities
flora plants
fauna animals
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