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Freedom Crossing

Kaegebein 4th grade Freedom Crossing ch. 1-5

feeling of complete hopelessness despairingly
a harsh quick ringing sound, nasal speech twang
a sudden, sharp attack of pain or distress pang
someone running from the law fugitive
in a bad mood cross
raised seat or position perched
someone who listens in on a conversation without permission eavesdropper
absolutely honest doggedly
a money penalty fine
responsible for accountable
to show disrespect with a mocking laugh scoffed
to disagree, to fight against rebelliously
to continue to insist on something, to stay the course persisted
to feel shocked, upset indignant
dreary, dark, negative situation bleak
a group of bushes shrubbery
not seeming to care, lack of interest indifference
an angry or disapproving look scowled
very bold, shameless impudently
a shape like an ellipse oblong
a forcible twist or turn wrenched
left open ajar
qualities of a person that they are known for reputation
a movement of the hand to emphasize speech gesture
Created by: kchadwick