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Science Quiz

Science quiz 5th chapter

What gives elements in a family or group similar properties? The same number of electrons in their outer energy level.
What is not true about the alkali metals? They are usually stored in water
Metals that share both physical and chemical properties are called? Alkali Metals
Atoms of_______________have two outer-level electrons. Alkaline-earth metals
What are 2 products made from calcium compounds? Cement and chalk
In what way does calcium help you? It gives you muscle and makes you strong and healthy.
Name 2 alkaline-earth metals besides calcium? Magnesium and radium
Metals that are less reactive than alkali metals and alkaline-earth metals are called..... Transition metals
How is mercury different from other transition metals? Mercury is liquid at room temperature
Two rows of transition metals are placed at the bottom of the periodic table to save space. Elements in the first row are called________. Elements in the second row are called ______ Lanthanides and Actinides
Which lanthanide forms a compound that enables you to see red on a computer screen? Europium
Which actinide is used in some smoke detectors? Americium
What are some of the uses of aluminum? They are used to make aircraft parts, automobile parts, foil, cans, and siding
The Metalloids_____and______, both in Group 14, are used to make computer chips. Silicon and Germanium
What are three compounds of carbon that are necessary for living things on Earth? Proteins, fats, and carbs
The hardest material known is ______ Diamond
What are some uses of diamond? Cutting tools such as saws, drills, and files.
What form of carbon is used as pigment? Soot
Nitrogen is a ______ at room temperature Gas
Each element in the Nitrogen Group has____ electrons in the outer level. 5
Nitrogen from the air can react with what element to make ammonia for fertilizer? Hydrogen
How is oxygen different from the other four elements in Group 16? All but oxygen are gases at room temperature.
The element______can be found as a yellow solid in nature and its used to make sulfuric acid. Sulfur
Why is oxygen important? Oxygen is important because it makes up about 20% of our air and we need it to live.
The atoms of ________ need to gain only one electron to have complete outer level. Halogens
Halogens combine with most metal to form _____, such as ____________. salts and sodium chloride
How does chlorinating water help protect people? It keeps people away from diseases in chlorinated water.
The atoms of_________have a full set of electrons in their outer level. Noble Gases
The low______of helium makes blimps and weather balloons float. Density
Which arrangement of elements did Mendeleev find produced and repeating pattern of properties? By increasing atomic mass
When something occurs or repeats at regular intervals, it is called_________. Periodic
Mendeleev's table, which shows elements' properties following a pattern that repeats every seven elements, is called the _________ Periodic table of the elements
How did Moseley solve the problem of the elements that did not fit the pattern according tot their properties? He determined the elements' atomic number and then arranged them by atomic number.
When the repeating chemical and physical properties of elements change periodically with the elements' atomic numbers, it is called the_________ Periodic law
What information is not included in each square of the periodic table? Melting point
How can you tell on the periodic table that carbon is a solid at room temperature? The color of the chemical symbol indicates that physical state at room temperature. Carbon is a solid.
Elements are classifies as metals, nonmetals ore metalloids according to their____________. Properties
The number____of in the outer energy level of an atom helps determined which category an element belongs in. Electrons
How can the zigzag line on the periodic table help you? The zigzag line reminds you where the metals, nonmetals and metalloids are.
Most elements are_____, which can be found to the left zigzag line on the periodic table. Metals
Most metals are _______, which means that they can be drawn into thin wires. Ductile
Most metals are_____________ at room temperature. Solid
Most metals are malleable. What does this mean? Means that they can be flattened with a hammer and will not shatter
What metal is flattened into sheets that are made into cans and foil? Aluminum
What elements are found to the right of the zigzag line on the periodic table? Metalloids and Nonmetals
Semiconductors, also called_______, are the elements that border the zigzag line on the periodic table. Metalloids
Which elements often share properties? those in a group
the physical and chemical properties of the elements change.... across each period
For most elements, the __________ has one or two letters with the first letter always capitalized. Chemical Symbol
Horizontal rows of elements on the periodic table are called__________. Period
Vertical columns of elements on the periodic table are called_______________or_________________ Groups or family
Some Elements, such as _____________, are named after scientists. Others, such as___________, are named after places Mendelevium californium
Created by: sophiacuttill