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Energy Unit Review

Energy stored in particles of matter for later use. Chemical energy
Used to convert solar energy to electrical energy. Solar cells
Energy due to the motion and position of an object. Mechanical energy
Fast moving cars have more of this type of energy than a slow moving car. Kinetic energy
The transfer of energy that takes places when a book is falling from a shelf. Potential to kinetic
The most unwanted form of energy. Heat energy.
A push or pull on an object. Force
An electric current flowing through a wire wrapped around an iron core forms this. An electromagnet
When animals use chemical energy in food to move. The chemical energy is transferred into this form of energy. Mechanical kinetic energy
This surrounds a magnet. Magnetic field
This is where the manipulated variable is ALWAYS graphed on. X-axis
Unlike poles do this. Attract
The flow of electrons. Electricity
Involves direct contact Conduction
Electrical energy can be transformed into light energy in an electric circuit if a ____ is added to it. Light bulb
A huge wheel that rotate when pushed by water, wind, or steam. Turbine
A flat slanted surface. Inclined plane
Another name for a double pulley system. Block and Tackle
Consists of two circular objects and a shaft. Wheel and axle
Two types of energy Kinetic and potential
Two or more simple machines Compound/complex machine
The three ways heat can be transferred. Conduction, convection, and radiation.
The pulley system that is the most effective. Block and tackle( double pulley system) going up
A coil of wire spinning around a magnet or vice versa can form this. An electric current
Energy that is flowing in an electric circuit. Electrical energy
Batteries,food, and wood all contain this form of energy. Chemical energy
The transfer of thermal energy. Heat energy
The transfer of energy through space. Radiation
The unit that force is measured in. Newtons
A grooved wheel Pulley
The fixed point on a lever. Fulcrum
A device that reduces the amount of forc required to do work and can change the direction of that force. Simple machine
A pulley that is attached to a structure. Fixed pulley
Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generator
Like poles do this. Repel
Wire is known as the ____ in an electric circuit. Conductor
The transfer of energy through liquids(fluids) & gases. Convection
Poor conductors are called this. Insulators
Converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Motor
Door knobs, steering wheels, screwdrivers, and gears are examples of this. Wheel and axle
This type of slope is the most practical for an inclined plane. Gentle slope
The TYPE of energy an object has due to its motion. Kinetic
Energy can't be created or destroyed, but can change from one form to another. Law of Conservation of Energy
A stretched rubberband has this. Elastic potential energy
As heat is added to an object, the temperature does this. Increase/rises
Water that is behind a dam has this form of energy. Mechanical potential energy
Energy from the sun. Solar energy
An effective inclined plane will make you travel a _____ distance. Longer
The object that you are trying to move is called this. Load
Used to measure mass Triple beam balance
The ability to cause change. Work
The instrument used to measure force. Spring scale
A rigid bar that moves around a fixed point. Lever
The biggest mechanical advantage of a lever would be having the load close to the fulcrum and the effort ________ ________ from the fulcrum. Far away
When you apply a force on an object over a distance and the object moved in response to the force. Work
In an electromagnet, the magnetism will be lost if the _________ stop flowing. Electric current
The unit for measure work and energy. Joule
Force from the stretching or compressing of an object. Elastic
This is evidence that energy has been used. Movement
Created by: jhaynes10
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