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Water on land

unit 1 gcse aqa

Different types of transportation Traction, Saltation, Suspension, Solution
Different types of erosion hydraulic action, attrition, abrasion, solution
Factors Decreasing dischrge Low rainfall, Permeable Rock, Mild conditions, gentle slopes, rural areas, more vegetation
Mass Tourism- drawbacks most profit is kept by companies in medc. tourism jobs=badly paid. traffic congestion. greenhouse gases- global warming. increase in litter. destruction of natural habitats.
erosion- solution Chemical in the water weaken the beds. acidic waters w/high pH
erosion- hydraulic action the force of the water erodes the bed + bands of the river due to pressure weakening them.
transportation- traction large material. rolls on the beds. doesn't lose contact wit the bed.
transportation- saltation bouncing of small stones, sand, grains on river beds
Hard engineering? man made structures built to control the flow of rivers and reduce flooding
factors increasing discharge high rainfall, impermeable rock, hot dry conditions/freezing, steep slops, urban areas
Waterfall eg niagara falls
soft engineering? are schemes set up using the knowledge of rivers and its processes to reduce the affects of flooding
why do rivers flood? physical: prolonged rainfall-saturated soil. snowmelt. heavy rainfall. relief Human: deforestation. Building construction
Transportation- suspension carrying of very fine material
transportation- solution dissolved material eg, limestone, chalk
mass tourism- benefits brings money--> local community projects creates jbs for locals. improved roads,communication,infrastructure
erosion- attrition the crashing of the rocks together eroding the banks laterally causing material to get smaller.
erosion- abrasion the erosion of the river bottom and the riverbank by material being carried by the river itself
Created by: CBA