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Set C JC

The 4 Seasons by Vivaldi

Give the full title of this set work? The 4 Seasons Op 8 No 1, Spring 1st and 2nd Movements.
Name the composer and give dates for his life? Antonio Vivaldi, 1678 to 1741
Define continuo? The continuos bass part and its supporting harmony in the music of the 17th and 18th centuries
Define movement? A self contained section within a large composition
What is programme music? Music that tells a story or paints a picture.
What are the four seasons based on? They are 4 concertos for solo violin for each of the 4 seasons, he based each of the concertos on a sonnet he wrote himself.
Name the key of mvt 1? E major
Name the time signature and tempo? 4/4 and allegro.
What is the form of mvt 1? Ritornello
What is the texture of mvt 1? Homophonic and polyphonic
Define solo concerto? A piece of music composed for a soloist accompanied by an instrumental group. This group is the ripieno or tutti
What is ritornello form? The main theme rteurns again and again in between contrasting sections called episodes.
What is a cadenza? The tutti /ripieno remain silent while the soloist improvises, showing off his skill.
What chord is the ritornello theme based on? E major, doh, tonic chord
Describe the dynamics in ritornello theme? contrats between f an d p.
What era of music is Vivaldi from? The Baroque era (Baroque is a portuguese word meaning 'ornate')
How is the birdsong portrayed? In episode 1 , the solo violin and 2 other violins imitate birdsong with ornamentation such as trills and mordents and fast descending notes.
How are the flowing streams conveyed? In episode 2, the violins play smooth flowing semiquaverswhich suggest the murmuring of the stream
How is the image of thunder and lightening evoked? In episode 3 fast repeated tremolo on violins, rapid scales, agitated triplets on solo violin and minor tonality (relative minor csharp minor) evoke the mood.
What is the tonality for "The little birds return and sing'? C sharp minor, the final ritornello section plays next however and this is in the tonic key of emajor. Trills, imitation, polyphonic testure bring back the earlier cheerful mood.
Name the key, time sig, speed, form, mood and texture of mvt 2? C sharp minor, 3/4, largo- v slow, peaceful , AA1Coda and homophonic.
Which instrument suggests the goatherd? Solo violin
What suggests the rustling of the leaves and branches? The continuous mvt on the violins and vla.-dotted semiquaver- demisemiquaver rhythm
What instruments are used in mvt 2? Solo violin, V1, V2 and viola.
How is the faithful dog portrayed? The vla plays a rhythmic ostinato
Created by: goneill