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Assessment Q4 part 2

Primigravida woman who is pregnant for the first time
Primipara woman after she has delivered her first baby
Multigravida pregnant woman who has previously carried a fetus to the point of viability
Multipara after delivery of second child
Presumptive signs those the woman experiences such as amenorrhea, breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue and increased urinary frequency.
Probable signs are those detected by the examiner, such as an enlarged uterus.
Positive signs of pregnancy are those that are direct evidence of the fetus, such as fetal heart tones or positive activity on ultrasound.
Hegar sign the uterus becomes globular in shape, softens, and flexes easily over the cervix.
Goodell sign increased vascularity, congestion, and edema cause the cervix
Chadwick sign bluish purple cervix
BP begins to drop until mid-pregnancy as a result of falling peripheral vascular resistance
At the end of 9 weeks: the embryonic period ends and the fetal period begins.
Fetal movement (quickening) is noticed at 18 to 20 weeks
Coopers ligaments fibrous bands extending vertically from the surface to attach on chest wall muscles
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