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Chapter 34 Vocabulary

aborigine an original inhabitant; one of original inhabitants of Austrailia
lagoon a shallow body of water seperated from the sea by coral reefs or sandbars
cyclone a violent, rotating windstorm
outback remote, sparsley settled, arid, rural country, especially the central and western plains and plateaus
artesian well a well that is drilled deep enough to tap a layer of porous material filled with ground water
atoll a ring- shaped coral island surrounding a lagoon
geyser a natural hot spring that shoots a column of water and stream into the air
trust territory a dependent colony or territory supervised by another country by commission of the united nations
crevasse a deep crack in glacial ice
ice shelf a massive extension of glacial ice over the sea, ofter protruding hundreds of miles
pack ice floating sea ice formed by a mix of icebergs iwth other ice formed in superchilled ocean waters
convergence zone an area of service storms where the frigid waters circulating around antarctica meet the warmer waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans
krill small, shrimplike creatures; food for whales and fish
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