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Text #5

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radiation the act or process of emitting radiant energy
metastasize ability to generate tumors
PSA bloodtest for prostate-specific antigen
biopsy removal and examination of tissue, cell, fluids from a biopsy
screening living body to see under microscope
malignant obsolete, evil in nature
oncogenes gene having the potential to cause a normalcell to become cancerous
carcinogenic cancer causing
apoptosis programned cell death(regulate cell growth)
tumor swollen or distended part
leukemia cancer of the white blood cells
histology tissue structure or organization of animal or plant
dysphagia difficulty in swallowing or speacking
benign noncancerous
melanoma tumor containing dark pigment
neoplasm another term to describe cancer (new growth)
ABCD rule outting the warning signs of common forms of melanoma
mutation change in biochemistry of a gene-produce abnormal cell
colonoscopy visual inspection of the interior of the colon wth a tube
staging the phrase your in or the progress point
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