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Chapter 34, 28, 29

World Geography

Aborigine 1 an original inhabitant, one of the original inhabitants of Australia
Lagoon a shadow body of water separated from the sea by coral reefs or sandbars
Cyclone a violent rotating wind storm
Outback remote, sparsely settled, arid, rural country, especially the central and western plains and plateaus
Artesian Well a well that is drilled deep enough to tap a layer or porous material filled with groundwater
Atoll a ring shaped coral island surrounding a lagoon
Geyser a natural hot spring that shoots a column of water and steam into the air
Trust Territory a dependent colony or territory supervised by another country by commission of the United Nations
Crevasse a deep crack in glacial ice
Ice Shelf a massive extension of glacial ice over the sea, often protruding hundreds of miles
Pack Ice floating sea ice formed by a mix of icebergs with other ice formed in superchilled ocean waters
Convergence Zone an area of severe storms where the rigid waters circulating antarctica meet the warmer waters of the atlantic, pacific, and indian oceans.
Krill small, shrimplike creatures; food for whales and fish
Sultantate state ruled by a sultan
Nonaligned Nation a state that adopted neutrality during the cold war
Subcontinent a large landmass forming a distinct part of a contintent
Alluvial Plain a broad expanse of land along riverbanks consisting of rich fertile soil left by floods
Monsoon a seasonal shift in the prevailing winds tha influences large climate regions
Nationalism pride in ones nation; desire of a cultural group to rule themselves as a separate nation
Nonviolent Resistance the policy of opposing an enemy or oppressor by any means other than violence
Boycott to refuse to purchase or use a product or service as an expression of disaproval
Partition a division to separate parts
Reincarnation the belief that the soul of a human being or animal goes through a series of births deaths and rebirths
Caste System a social hierarchy in which a person possesses a distinct rank in society that is determined by birth
Charpoy a wooden bed frame with knotted string in place of a mattress
Sari a bright colored cloth worn by many indian women that is draped over the body like a long dress
Purdah the practice among hindu and muslim women covering the face with a veil when outside the home
Joint Family System in India, the custom of housing all members of an extended family together
Cottage industry a small scale manufacturing operation using little technology, often located in or near peoples home
Hydroelectric Power electricity that is generated by moving water
Irrigate the watering of farmland with water drawn from reservoirs or rivers
Embankment Dam a small wall of soil and rock to hold back water
Buffer State a country that separates two hostile countries
Malnutrition disease caused by a lack of food or an unbalanced diet
Deforestation the process of stripping the land of its trees
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