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Chaptee 13 Frucht

Medical Terminology

amni/0 amnion
cervic/o neck, cervix
men/o menses, menustration
chori/o chorion
metr/o uterus
colp/o vagina
nat/o birth
embry/o embryo
o/o egg
episi/o vulva
oophor/o ovary
fet/o fetus
ovari/o ovary
gynec/o woman/female
salping/o fallopian tubes, uterine tubes
lapar/o abdomen
uter/o uterus
mamm/o breast
vagin/o vagina
conization surgical femoval of a core of cervical tissue for biopsy
endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue appears throughout pelvic or abdominal cavity, arses recurring pain and scarring
endometrial cancer cancerous turmor forms in lining of uterus
fibrocystic breast disease benign cysts in breasts tissue; not precancerous
fibroid tumor benign tumor of fiberlike tissue; the most common type of tuor in women
ovarian cancer canceorus tumor formed within ovary
premature birth birth of fetus before 37 weeks of genstation
premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms that develop just prior to onset of menstrual period; can include irritability, headache, tender breasts, and anxiety
rectocele protusion or herniation of rectum into vagina
stillbirth(SB) birth in which viable-age fetus dies shortly before or at time of birth
tubal ligation surgical tying off of fallopian tubes to prevent pregancy
atresia lack of normal body opening for example, hysteratresia is closing of cervix,
cervical cancer malignanty tumor of cervix; some cases caused by human papilloma virus (HPV0sexually transmitted birus for which there is now a vaccine regular Pap smear used for early detection
cesarean section (CS, C-section surgical birth of baby through incision into abdominal and uterine walls; named for Roman emperor Julius Caesar who is said to have been born using this method
cystocele hernia or outpouching of bladder protrudes into vagina; can cause urinary frequency and urgency and block vagina
dilation and curettage (D&C) surgical procedure consisting of widening cervix an dscraping of suctioning out of endomedrial lining of uterus; often performed after spontaneous abortion or to stop excessive bleeding from other causes
etopic pregnancy pregnancy orcurring outside of uterus, usually in fallopian tubes; growing fetus will repture fallopian tube requiring a salpingectomy
papanicolaou smear (Pap) test fore arly detection of cervical cancer; named after developer, test for early detection of cervical cancer; named after developer, George Papanicolaou, a Greek physican; cells are removed from cervix by simple scraping and examined under microscope
placenta previa placenta forms in lower portion of uterus and blocks birth canal; can require C-section for birth
fetal monitoring use of electronic equipment placed on mother's abdomenor fetus's scalp to check fetal heart rate(FHR) and fetal heart tone(FHT) during labor; normal FHR ranges from 120-160 bpm; drop in FHR indicateds fetal distress
hemolytic disease of the newborn(HDN) condition developing in fetus when mother's blood type is RH-negative and baby's blood is RH positive; antibodies in mother's blood enter fetus; blood-streamthrough placenta and deystroy fetus' rbcs causes anemia, jaun
in vitro fertilization (IVF) Inferility treatment, ova are removed from womam and fertilized by sperm externally; resulting embryos are teturned to uter us for development; commonly called test tube baby
abruptio placentae emergency fondition occuring hwen placenta tears away from uterine wall prior to birth of fetus; requires babb's immediate birth
abortion discharge of embryo from uterus before about 20th week of gestation; spontaneous abortion (miscarriage is unplanned and due to death of embryo; elective abortion is legal termiination of peregnancy, therapeutic abortion is necessary for mother's health
breast cancer malignant tumor of breast usually forms in milk glands or lining of milk ducts
chorionic villlus sampling (CVS) removal of small piece of chorion for genetic analysis; can be done at early stage of pregnancy that aminocentesis
fistula abnoromall paggageway othat develops between two structures; vesiconaginal fisula is between urinary bvladeer and vagina; rectovaginal fistula is between rectum and vagina
pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) chornic or acute infection, ususally bacterial, that ascends through female reproductive tract and out into pelvic cavity; can result in scarring th at interferes with infertiltiy
prolapsed uterus fallen uterus that can cause cervix to protrude through baginal opening
Created by: amterry
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