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Level 2 NotInGenkiKE

Level 2 Not in Genki Kanji Example Words

門 reading かど
門 meaning gate
林 reading はやし
林 meaning woods; forest; copse; thicket
森 reading もり
森 meaning 1: forest; 2: shrine grove
森田 reading もりた
森田 meaning a name
森林 reading しんりん
森林 meaning forest; woods
畑 reading はたけ
畑 meaning 1: field (for fruits, vegetables, etc.); cultivated land; vegetable plot; kitchen garden; plantation;
岩 reading いわ
岩 meaning rock; crag
岩田 reading いわた
岩田 meaning a name
耳 reading みみ
耳 meaning ear
耳学問 reading みみがくもん
耳学問 meaning learning by the ear
竹 reading たけ
竹 meaning bamboo
竹林 reading ちくりん
竹林 meaning bamboo grove
貝 reading かい
貝 meaning shell; shellfish
二枚貝 reading にまいがい
二枚貝 meaning bivalve
米 reading こめ
米 meaning (husked grains of) rice
米国 reading べいこく
米国 meaning USA
石 reading いし
石 meaning 1: stone; 2: gem; jewel
糸 reading いと
糸 meaning thread; yarn; string
馬 reading うま
馬 meaning 1: horse; 2: promoted bishop (shogi)
羊 reading ひつじ
羊 meaning sheep
羊肉 reading ようにく
羊肉 meaning mutton; lamb
Created by: ncommons