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Chernozem the world’s most fertile soil, found in the Northern European Plain
thawing What can cause buildings in Siberia to sink and tilt?
Napoleon and Hitler These two leaders were both defeated by Russia's winter
Aral This lake could completely disappear in 20-30 years.
Continentally Term used to describe a region’s distance away from the moderating influence of the sea.
20 The percentage of all the worlds timber located in Russia
Caspien The world’s largest inland sea.
Kuril Russia took control of these islands after WWII but Japan still claims ownership.
coal and iron ore The two major natural resources found in Siberia.
80 to 90 The percentage of water the Aral Sea has lost.
Baikal The oldest and deepest lake in the world
Northern European This plain accounts for the major source of farming and grain for Russia
runoff Because cotton growers use pesticides, how are chemicals brought into the Aral Sea?
taiga The largest forest in the world
irrigation What is the main reason the Aral Sea is disappearing?
fish Because of chemicals, what no longer exist in the Aral Sea?
summer In Siberia, this brings swarms of mosquitoes and swamps.
Volga The longest river on the European and Russia continent
workers Because of Siberia's harsh terrain, what do business have trouble attracting?
Central Siberia This plateau contains many volcanic mountain ranges
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