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what is the simplest type of invertebrate? sponges
what are sponges make-up? cells
These are stinging cells attached to tentacles that surround a mouth openning. nematocysts
The phylum that contain jellyfish, hydra, and sea anenome Cnidarians
Cnidarians are made up of tissues
These invertebrates have an embedded calcium structure found under its skin. Echinoderms
The name Echinoderm means spiny-skinned
This order of Arthropods have eight legs with no antennae or wings. Archnids
This order of Arthropods have wings and four legs. They make-up the greatest number of animals in the Animal Kingdom. Insects
Lobster, crawfish, and shrimp are found in this order of Arthropods crustaceans
Worm phlyum that are parasitic with an one openning digestive tract flatworm
Segmented worms have a closed-circulatory system with blood vessels annelids
The sponge phylum Porifera
These soft-bodied invertebrates are protected by a shell Mollusk
Tapeworms are an example of this type of worm Flatworm
Nematodes are example of the tube-shaped body worm Roundworm
These invertebrates are protected by an exoskeleton and have jointed appendages Arthropod
Sea stars, sea urchin, and sea cucumbers are examples found in this phylum Echinoderm
This is the category that follows Order Family
This is the category that follows Kingdom Phylum
This is the category that follow phyllum Class
Cnidarians have this type of symmetry radial
All worm phyla have this type of symmetry bilateral
A sponge has this type of symmetry asymmetrical
Echinoderms have this type of symmetry radial