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Kozier Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Evidence-based practice EBP is clincal decision making based on the stimultaneous use of the best evidence, clinical expertise, and client's values
Quantitive Research entails the systeatic collection, statisical analysis and interpretation of numerical data
Extraneous variables Any variable that could influence the results of the study other than the specific variable being studied for their influence
Logical Positivism maintains tat "truth" is absolute and can be discovered by careful measurement
Qualitative Research the systematic collection and thematic analysis of narrative data.
Naturalism or constructivism, which maintain that reality is relatively or contextual and constructed by individual who are experiencing a phenomenon
Phenomenology focuses on lived experiences
Ethnography focuses on cultural patterns of thoughts and behaviors
Grounded Theory focuses on social processes
Research Process entails using forma and systematic processes to address problems and answer questions
Dependent variable a behavior, characteristic or outcome that the researcher wishes to explain or predict
Independent Variable the presumed cause of or influence on the dependent variable
Methodology can be thought of as it logistics/mechanics
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