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tom Sawyer 19-29

Why didn't Aunt Polly believe Tom when he said he really did come to the house to tell her that he didn't die instead of what she thought he really did which was laugh? Tom cried Wolf too many times (which means he had lied so much when he was actually telling the truth no one would believe him)
what literary term denotes this phrase "it's a blessed, blessed lie" oxymoron-putting to opposites together irony- a strange twist of fate
After Tom left what did aunt polly do? She looked in his jacket pocket and found the piece of bark with the note in scripted on it.
What did Aunt Polly say after she found the note? I could forgive the boy, now, if he'd committed a million sins
Tom tried to ask Becky to make up with him for being mean and she replied???? I'll thank you to keep yourself to yourself, Mr. Thomas Sawyer. I'll never speak to you again
who put ink on toms spelling book lesson page for that day? Alfred (city sissy)
What did becky do that could get her in trouble with Mr. Dobbins? Becky passed by his desk and saw the key in the lock that hold the mysterious book. No one was around so she turned the key and in her hand was an anatomy book and then Tom walked in and startled her and she tore the page.
What was the picture on the page Becky saw A human figure, stark naked
Why was Becky crying after this incident She knew she would get in trouble
She was gonna tell Mr. Dobbins that Alfred Temple was the one who ruined the spelling book, so Tom would not be whipped /what changed her mind/???? She knew Tom would tell on her for tearing the book and she wouldn't say a word, not to save his life
What is the literary term that denotes this sentence? He had seen a hunted and helpless rabbit look as she did, with a gun leveled at its head. Metaphor
what happened after he saw her helpless face? The teacher then called students names then got to REBECCA THATCHER and then Tom said "I DONE IT" Then tom was whipped but because of Becky's adoration and gratitude tom said they could pay the price of a hundred floggings
What did Becky say that put him to sleep later that night? Tom, how could you be so NOBLE!
why did the sign painter's boy find delight in the scheme on Mr. Dobbins Mr. Dobbins boarded in his family and gave him lots of reasons to hate mr. dobbins
How did the master prepare for special occasions (Examination Day) by getting drunk
what was one of the poems read A vision or A Missouri maiden's farewell to Alabama
why was this literature popular at that time? because it sounds educated
Does the author like this literature no, pokes fun at it
Professor Dobbins drew a geography map on the blackboard terribly then what did the painter's boy do moments later? had a cat on a string with a rag tied around her head and jaws to keep her from meowing then she was lowered and grabbed his wig
how did the author feel about examination night it teaches very little and brings no emotional maturity to students
Why did Tom Sawyer promise to abstain from smoking, chewing, and swearing. it was the only way to join the Cadets of Temperance; so that he could where a red sash at Judge Frazer's funeral
What happened? He found out the Judge was recovering and handed in his resignation and that night the Judge suffered a relapse and died
Tom stated that when you are not allowed to do something it makes a body really want to do the thing. After he had handed in his resignation and could smoke, chew and swear now he no longer felt the desire to want to JUST KNOW THAT<<<<<<<<<<
After Becky left for Constantinople with her family for vacation what happened to Tom He came down with the measles
After he had been dead to the world for two weeks what had happened to everyone? there had been a revival and everyone had got religion
All his friends had found religion also so he fled to Huck Finn and was greeted with? scriptural quotation
what was the irony of tom feeling out of all the town he was lost forever and ever? IRONY: saved actually
why did he think a terrific storm came for? It was for Tom because he didn't get religion during the revival His first impulse was to reform but his second was to wait for there might not be any storms which shows, he DOESN'T reallu WISH TO REPENT
How did Joe Harper and Huck Finn suffer relapse? They were eating a stolen melon
what was the lesson learned from Joe harper and Huck Finn? Only constant vigilance will sustain and maintain a walk of salvation
Why was the Salvation of MUFF POTTER a play on words? Potter needs more than relgion
What did tom say to support his fact that potter hasn't done anything to hurt anybody? Loafs around considerable and fishes a little to get money to get drunk on- We all do that PREACHERS and suchlike
what did Potter tell the boys? don't you ever get drunk- then you won't ever get here (jail)
what is the irony about the town saying the evidence stood firm and unshaken on the jury's verdict? Injun Joe was a KNOWN CRIMINAL
who testified to everyones surprise? Thomas Sawyer
Why was this trial a good and bad situation? Good- Tom's convinced muff's innocent and know town hero Bad- Injun Joe is loose and wants revenge
Some believed Tom would be president if he _____________ escaped hanging
Toms days were splendor but nights horror why? Injun Joe infested all his dreams
What was Huck Finn afraid of? His name being found out and Injun Joe seeking revenge on him also
In the day Tom was happy he had opened his lip for Potter's gratitude but at night what did he wish? he had kept them sealed
When did Tom say he could finally draw a safe breath? When Injun Joe was dead and Tom had seen his corpse
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn had the desire like most boys to ______? dig for hidden treasure
what was Tom's sarcasm answer to the question Huck asked of " "who hides it?" why, robbers of course- who'd you reckon? Sunday school superintendents
what did Huck state if he found treasure? he wouldn't hide it instead spend it!!!
If they found the treasure what would each boy spend it on? Tom- new drum, sword, necktie, bull pup and get married Huck- pie, soda, go to the circus
who did Tom want to marry Becky Thatcher
He said the girl Im gonna marry won't fight what was funny about his comment? they already have!!
Huck called her a gal and he said no its a girl what did this show us? Signs of growing up/deep feeling
why did they rationalize about no finding the treasure can't admit there isn't any
Why did they drop there piracies and play for the day instead superstitious it was friday Huck had a dream where the rats didn't fight which means trouble is around
what did they play? Robin Hood
where did they go next the haunted house
they threw there tool where? in a corner
who later entered? two men one of which injun joe and a mystery man
description of injun joe? Spaniard, deaf and mute, wrapped in a serape, bushy white whiskers, long white hair, sombrero and wore green googles
where did they find the money? lifted a half rotten plank, broke hole and reached in
what did they find in the hole gold coins summonsing up to thousands
They wondered who had brought these tool went up the stairway then it broke
They decided to follow the Spaniard to _____________ where ever that might be? number two
they said they would have revenge what did tom think that meant? Revenge on them for testifying the truth
Why were the boys running for there life Tom tried two keys then the door opened it wasn't looked Stepped on Injun joe's hand but he never budged for he was drunk
what did he remember in the midst of this situation that Huck said he would have forgot Aunt Polly's towel
he was equally afraid of Injun Joe= ___________ in this circumstance Aunt Polly
what decision did Huck and Tom decide on If Huck watched number two in the tavern every night Tom would go to the room
where did Huck say he would stay to be a watchmen at night? Ben rogers' hayloft
what proved Huck was prejudice? stating that he only ate with the african american when he was hungry otherwise he would never
What did Tom tell Huck to do if he saw signs of trouble? to skip around in the night and MEOW
when did the treasure and Injun joes seek into secondary importance when Tom hears of becky's return from constantinople
What did Tom want becky to do instead of going to susy harpers Go up the hill and eat icecream at widow douglas's
Huck saw one of the men with the box and decided to follow them and not wake tom! where did he go? Widow douglas's
why did Injun Joe want revenge on her? her husband had him horsewhipped in front of the jail with all the town looking at him for being a vagrant
why didnt he take it out on him and not his wife? because he had died and he reasoned it will have to be her
what did he plan to do to her in revenge? slit her nostrils and notch her ears like a sow (go for her looks)
Where did Huck Finn flee after he heard the news The Welshman's
what did the Welshman's do? the old man and his sons had their weapons in their hands and then all of a sudden there was an explosion of firearms and a cry then HUCK RAN as fast as his legs could carry him
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