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8th - List 12

8th Grade Greek/Latin List 12

scrib, script Latin - write transcribe, transcript
sci Latin - know science
sed Latin - sit sedentary
sequ, sec Latin - follow sequence
semi Latin - half semicircle
sens, sent Latin - feel, think sensitive, sentient
spect, spic Latin - see spectator, inspect
tact, tang Latin - touch contact, tactile, tangible
zo Greek - animal zoology, zoo
terr Latin - land, earth terrestrial
ovi, ovum Latin - egg oviduct
neuro Greek - nerve neurology
vid, vis Latin - see vivid, visible
viv Latin - live vivacious
voc Latin - call vocal, vocation
semper fidelis Latin - always faithful Marines motto
status quo Latin - as things stand
subpoena Latin - under penalty
summa cum laude Latin - with highest praise
terra firma Latin - on firm ground earth
Created by: smsmccormick
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