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KSH - KS Chapter 5

Study Guide for Kansas History Test over Chapter 5

Why was life in Kansas so difficult in the early years of our statehood? Kansas was in the middle of a severe drought that made crops fail, made water scarce, and left Kansans without money.
When do we celebrate Kansas Day? January 29
Who proposed the Kansas state motto and designed the Kansas state seal? John James Ingalls
The Kansas state motto means "to the stars through difficulty," but in Latin it reads... Ad Astra Per Aspera
What four rights mentioned in the text does the Kansas Bill of Rights guarantee? 1) The right to assemble in a peaceful manner, 2) The right to bear arms for their defense, 3) The right to freedom of speech, 4) The right to worship according to their own beliefs.
The Kansas Constitution that created our government was originally known as the __?__ Constitution. Wyandotte Constitution
Which branch of the Kansas government is headed by the Governor who is responsible for administering the laws? Executive Branch
Which branch of the Kansas government is made up of the Senate and House of Representatives and their job is to make the laws for the state? Legislative Branch
Which branch of the Kansas government has the job of interpreting the laws? Judicial Branch
Where do the Governor and the State Legislature work in Topeka? The State Capitol
During the Civil War, which side did most Kansans support? The Union or the North
The First Kansas Colored Infantry was the first... black infantry to fight alongside white units.
During the Civil War, Kansans and Missourians made raids against each other instead of fighting full military battles. This type of fighting is called... Guerrilla Warfare
Who was the Confederate guerrilla who was responsible for the raid on Lawrence? William Quantrill
Who was the Confederate general at the Battle of Mine Creek? Sterling Price
Who won the Battle of Mine Creek? Union
Who was the abolitionist in Kansas who wrote hundreds of letters to newspapers in the East about life in Kansas and the battle over slavery in the territory? Julia Louisa Lovejoy
Whose job was to keep the peace between Americans heading west and the American Indians living in the West? Frontier soldiers
Squatters were Americans who... lived on Indian lands.
Who was the Commanche chief who made a speech at the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaties? Ten Bears
What was the result of the Colorado Volunteer Regiments massacre of more than 150 peaceful Indians at Sand Creek? It made it very difficult for Indians to trust the Americans again.
The African American soldiers who made up the 9th and 10th Cavalries became known as... Buffalo Soldiers
The frontier ended in Kansas when what happened? The coming of the railroads to Kansas connected the state to the rest of the country.
What was the name of the raid on Lawrence that killed at least 140 men and boys? Quantrill's Raid
With the Medicine Lodge Treaties, who did the government want to make peace with? Plains Indians, including the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa-Apache, and Commanche.
Created by: ColbyHistory



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