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CAPA Anesthestics and Analgesics

Name the esters Cocaine, Procaine, Chloroprocaine, and Tetracaine
How are esters metabolized? By plasma cholinesterase
Which ester is 10 times as potent as procaine? Tetracaine
This ester is known to cause spinal neuropathy causing its use to be limited. Chloroprocaine
This ester can cause severe increases in heart rate and blood pressure. Cocaine
This ester may cause pyrogenic activity as a side effect. Cocaine
This ester is used Topically for Corneas and Endotracheal anesthesia as well as for spinal anesthesia. Tetracaine
The IV route of this Amide depresses laryngeal and tracheal reflexes. Lidocaine
Why is epinephrine often coadminitered with Lidocaine? Epinephrine reduces the vasocilating effects of Lidocaine to reduce its absorption.
What are the benefits of Mepivacaine over Lidaine? Mepivacaine is longer acting than Lidocaine and does not cause vasodilation
This amide can cause cardiac toxicity. Bupivacane (Marcaine)
Accidental IV injection can cause ventricular dysrhythmias that are difficult to correct. Bupivacaine (Marcaine)
similar to Bupivacaine, but somewhat less cardiotoxic Ropivacaine
Amide safe for obstetric use. Ropivacane
Amide may be adminstered in combination with epidural fentanyl or clonidine Levobupivacaine
Use for pain management cases and for surgical anesthesia. Levobupivacaine
What is a possible risk of Perservative free Morphine used in an epidural? Delayed respiratory depression
Epidural administration provides pain relief for extended periods Perservative free Morphine
How is anesthetic distributed to each region of the body? It is directly proportional to the amount of blood each region receives (highly vascular organs receive a higher proportion)
What is the least T lymphocyte inhibiting drug used for anesthesia? Propofol
What respiratory affects do induction agents have?
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