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chp 19 peds

immune disorders

acute, severe vasculitis of all blood vessels seen in children under 5, boys more than girls kawasaki disease
leading cause of acquired heart disease in children kawasaki disease
these are done for dx of kawasaki lab test, 2d echocardiogram,clinical signs
s/s of kawasaki acute prolonged high fever, strawberry tongue, irritability
s/s of kawasaki subcute DESQUAMATION of hands and feet,arthritis,coronary aneurysms
s/s of kawasaki convalescent all signs have disappeared
nursing care of child with kawasaki EXTREME IRRITABILITY is the most challengeing nursing issue, symptom specific relief
treatment for kawasaki reduce inflammation via IVIG an high dose asprin
a severe form of erythema multiforme involving lesions of the skin and mucous membranes steven johnson syndrome
s/s of sjs flu like symptoms, mucosal lesions in eyes,mouth and gi tract
treatment for sjs med noted to allergy list,care of topical and oral lesions, ophthalmologist for corneal scarring
this syndrome affect joint,connective tissue,viscera,chronic with remissions and exacerbations juvenile idiopathic arthritis
s/s of juvenile idiopathic arthritis joint stiffness in morning or after rest, osteopenia-low bone mass
dx of juvenile idiopathic arthritis is done by s/s, radiographs, lab test
JIA is categorized by what method of onset
JIA systemic acute febrile
JIA oligoarticular involving 5 or fewer joints with risk for iridocyclitis
iridocyclitis is what inflammation of the iris and ciliary body
JIA polyarticular involving more than 5 joints
treatment for JIA exercise, drug therapy-nsaids- to reduce pain and stiffness
intra articular long acting corticosteroid injections do what? preserve joints
a subcutaneous injection twice a wk for JIA that needs monitored for allergic reactions enbrel- etanercept
this med is used for JIA with rheumatoid arthritis, liver test and cbc test done regular methotrexate-rheumatrex
home care for JIA moist hot packs,firm mattresses prevent sagging joints,encourage swimming, avoid weight gain
school issues for a kid with JIA clear path to nurses office, excess absences, REST PERIODS
a global disease caused by epstein barr virus infectious mononucleosis
transmitted by saliva or contaminated eating utensils infectious mononucleosis
s/s of mono low grade fever,sore throat,headache,fatigue,skin rash,malaise
half of mono pt get this splenomegaly
a small amount of mono pt have this liver involvement with mild jaundice
treatment of mono nsaids, acetaminophen,antipyretic,rest gargling with warm liquild, throat lozenges, adequate fluid intake
different chronic metabolic disorders involving disturbed glucose metabolism diabetes mellitus
diabetes mellitus differ in cause,___________,_________ pathophysiology, and genetic predisposition
_____ predispose you to type 1 or 2 genetics
_____ can destroy beta cells of the islets of langerhans in the pancreas leading to_____ toxins/viruses,type 1DM
_____ may lead to the development of insulin resistance and type 2DM obesity,physical inactivity, high triglycerides and HTN
DM type 1 polyuria excertion of large amounts of urine
DM TYPE 1 POLYDIPSIA escessive thirst
DM type 1 polyphagia constant hunger
s/s of DM type 1 fatigue,anorexia,nausea,lethargy,weakness,dry skin,vaginal yeast infections,bed wetting
hyperglycemia,glycosuria,ketoacidosis s/s of what DM type 1
diabetic ketoacidosis happens when conditions increase insulin demand, diabetic coma when awake or asleep
fruity breath, rapid breathing, increase in blood sugar kussmaul breathing
dx for DM include 2 of the following random blood test greater than 200,fasting blood test greater than 126, 2hr blood test greater than 200 with oral glucose
hba1c expected range over 2 months target goal less 7%, expected range of 4-6%, diabetes 6.5-8%
70 or below blood sugar means hypoglycemic
you should give this at first sign of hypoglycemia orange juice or carbs then protein like cheese or peanut butter
long term management can help promote normal growth and development
diabetic ketoacidosis treatment vital signs, increase fluids,low dose insulin
a doctor that treats DM endocrinologist
human insulin is used why less chance of allergic reaction
_____ is a standard unit in the us 100 unit
insulin is given how subcutaneously at 90 deg angle
when blood glucose is greater than 240 you should do what restrict exercise until controlled
insulin lispro, onset less than 15min,duration 3-4hrs rapid acting, humalog
regular insulin,onset 0.5-1hr,duration 5-7hrs short acting, humulinR
NPH insulin,onset 1-2hr,duration 18-24hrs intermediate acting, humulinN
insulin glargine, onset 1hr,duration 10.4 to 24hrs long acting, lantus
severe hypoglycemia is treated with glucagon
two types of diets for hypoglycemia exchange list, constant carb diet
increasing this ____ will increases carb breakdown fiber
nutritional management for hypogylcemia is elimination of these concentrated carbs and refined sugars
when you exercise you use sugar so you should do this keep a snack with you
you should test blood sugar when before meals
pt needs to have great skin care by doing these things inspect for cuts,rashs,adrasions,cysts,boils,keep skin dry
these occur greater in frequency in pt with diabetes cystitis,subcutaneous nodules,monilial vulvitis
urine checks used to done for this test for acetone
insulin doses may very through life but you will always need to take insulin
these types of exams are important with DM eye and dental
1/3 to 1/2 of all new dx of diabetes pt are younger than 18
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