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Star Unit Test

How many constellations are there? 88
What is a circulation constellation? A constellation seen all year, that appears to move around North Pole
What is an example of a circulation constellation? The Big Dipper
What is a seasonal constellation? A constellation seen only during certain seasons because of earths changing position in its orbit around the sun
What is an example of a seasonal constellation? Orion
What is an open star cluster? A huge group of stars found in the center of the galaxy
What is a globular star cluster? A spherical collection of stars found in the halo
What is a binary star? A group of two stars bound together by gravity
What is an eclipsing binary star? When two stars eclipse each other
What is a light year? The distance light travels in a year- 9.5 trillion km
What is parallax? The apparent shift in position of the stars or objects caused by change in position
What is magnitude? Brightness
What is apparent magnitude? How bright a star appears to be
What is absolute magnitude? The true light given off by a star
What is luminosity? The energy output of a star
How do you classify a spectra? By the composition, pressure, etc.
What is a bright line/emission spectra? It is unevenly spaced series of different colors and brightness
What is a dark line/emission spectra? A continuous spectra with dark lines where light is absorbed
What is a continuous spectra? Unbroken band of colors and glowing gas
What is a spectroscope? An instrument that uses and prism or diffraction grating to separate light and study star light
What is the Doppler effect? It is the change in frequency of light or sound when the course of the wave is moving
What happens during a red shift? The distance from earth is increasing, moving farther from earth
What happens during a blue shift? The distance from earth is decreasing, moving towards earth
What happens during no shift? The distance doesn't change
What is the Hetrzsprung diagram? A continuous band extending from the upper right (hot bright stars) tot eh lower right (cool dim stars)
What is a protostar? A large mass formed by a gas giant
What is the main sequence? A group of stars that form a diagonal line on HR diagram
Are we in the main sequence? Yes
How many stars in percentage are in the main sequence? 90%
What is a black dwarf? A white dwarf that is cooled down and no longer emits energy
Are any stars a black dwarf? No
What is a white dwarf? A small old star with low luminosity and high temperature
What is a super nova? A massive exploding star
What is a red giant? A large, very bright, cool star that will be our next sun
What is a pulsar? A neutron star that sends out radio waves that is rapidly spinning
What is a neutron star? It is made from massive stars that is extremely dense
What is a black hole? An object in space who is so strong that nothing cannot escape it(densest object in universe)
How old is the universe? It's 13.8 billion years old
What is in the star composition? Hydrogen and Helium but mostly helium
What are the star temperatures? Red=Cool Blue=Hot
What is a spiral galaxy? Consists of a flat rotating disk with pinwheel arms ex: Milky Way
What is an elliptical galaxy? A smooth ball shaped appearance
What is an irregular galaxy? No definite shape contains old stars with dust and gas
What is an quasar galaxy? It is very bright, extremely distant
What is the steady state theory? It proposes that the universe looks the same on large scales to all observers and always looked that way
What is the big bang hypothesis? It states that the universe began as a point and has been expanding ever since
What is the evidence for the big bang hypothesis? The evidence is the red shift and radiation
Why is star mass important? It determines that more mass = more dense = bigger diameter = hotter temperature
What is the life cycle of an average star? 1)Nebula 2)Main Sequence 3)Red Giant 4)White Dwarf 5)Black Dwarf 6)Super Nova 7)Neutron Star 8)Black Hole
Created by: KJohnson23