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Government Test 1

Congress, Texas Legislature, and Civil Liberties...Chapter 7, 23, and 5

What two political characters influenced our four fathers? Hobbes and Locke
What was the most fundamental problem that Government must address? Faction
What illustrated for the Americans the problem of faction? Shays Rebellion
What part of the Constitution lays out the power of Congress? Article 1
How many members are in the House and Senate? 535
How many years can people in House or Senate be members? 2
What creates districts with equal size populations? Redistricting
Congress increased its power through what clause? Necessary and Proper
Who initiates revenue bills? House
Who is the leader of the House? Speaker
A committee that is established on a temporary basis is? Adhoc
Committees to which proposed bills are referred that are permanent are called? Standing
Why do members of Congress seek committee assignments? expertise, party preferences, and pork barrel legislation.
Ultimately committees are controlled by? Majority Party
What advantages increase chances for an incumbent to be reelected? Name Recognition, Access to the media, and Fund-raising
How often do incumbents get reelected? 90%
What three variables effect party decisions? Party Cohesion, Constituents, and Colleagues and Caucuses
How many of the bills that go through Congress actually become law? about 5-10%
What is the difference between authorization and appropriation? Authorizing legislation provides for the authority to do something. Appropriation provides money through sub-committees to fund everything.
What does it take to stop a filibuster? Cloture, 60 senators
Before placing a filibuster what does a senator usually do? Hold
The Speaker’s Race enables the speaker to do what? To extort support in return for committee assignments.
Who is the president of the Senate? Lieutenant Governor
How is the lieutenant governor selected? People
Is party important in the Texas Legislature? No, Weak Party System
How do we select the Speaker of the House? Popular Election
Is Texas Heavily Institutionalized? No
What percent of members are lawyers or businessmen? 75%
What kind of legislature is Texas? nonprofessional citizen legislature
How often do Texas members meet? once every two years for 140 days
How many Tx representatives are in the House? 150
How long can Tx members of House serve? 2 years
How many TX senators in Senate? 31
How long can Tx senators serve? 4 years
Texas is run by who? Leaders and Lobbyists
In Texas legislature, what has to be passed to even consider a bill? A 2/3 vote in Senate
What is most important of 3 readings? 2nd Merits of bill, real debate
What is the difference between civil liberties and civil rights? Liberty is the gov leaves you aloneRights the gov is active
What does the 9th Amendment state? Favored by James Madison showing other rights still exist
What is the 10th Amendment? It reiterates powers that are not delegated to the national government which are reserved for states or people.
What is the 14th Amendment? It states that everyone is entitled to due process clause
What is the Establishment clause? Government uninvolvment/ Separation of Church and State.
Free Exercise clause? Government will not interfere with individual religions.
Under Freedom of Speech, what is prior restraint? Prevents the government from prohibiting speech or publication before the fact
Direct Incitement? Advocacy of illegal action is protected by the first amendment unless it is directed to inciting or producing “imminent lawless action” and is likely to occur.
Under unprotected Speech, what is Libel and Slander? Written and Spoken assault
Is flag burning protected by the first amendment? Yes
What contols obsenity laws? Local Government
According to James Madison in Federalist #10 what was the most fundamental that government must address? Faction
How do we check Faction? Increase faction
Madison ordered for more liberty this was the key. economic liberty
What kind of Republic did Madison want? A larger Republic
Did Madison want a lot or a limited number of representatives? Limited
Did Madison support a pure democracy or a republic? Republic
What part of the constitution lays out the structure of the Legislative branch? Article 1
A two house legislature is called what? bicameral
The process of locking teams in the House of Representatives is called? Redistricting
Who has the power for revenue bills? (money stuff) House of Representatives
The House is more what than the Senate? Formal and Centralized
Can a committee kill, amend, and rush bills? Yes
Recent research emphasises the importance of? sub-committees
Members if Congress often seek committee assignments based upon what? pork barrel legislation, the party preference, and based on their own interests or expertise.
Who is Fennos? A famous political scientist who took six years off to live with and study the members of Congress; they only win by 90% if they are willing to work 80 hours a week.
Who is Jacobson? The Standard Deviation on the Enter Electoral Votes a statistical study; People can not predict how people vote anymore the incumbancy advantage is overrated.
Fenno and Jacobson think the incumbancy is what? Overrated
When a member faces an important floor vote he will often consult who? A sub-committee member who handles the bill.
Unlimited debate allows senate to do what? Filibuster
What is called a threat of a filibuster? Hold
What is earthed a Congressional review of the activities of an agency, department, or office? Oversight
Has the WPA worked? No
The war powers act was passed when? 1973
Was the WPA an attempt to reassure congressional authority over the executive branch? Yes, attempt at oversight
How does the impeachment process work? A two-step process; the house impeaches and the senate considers it by a 2/3 vote.
The US Constitution is Heavily Institutionalized, what is Texas Legislature? It is not heavily institutionalized.
The Texas Legislature is primarily composed of? Lawyers and business people
In the US Congress senators serve how long? 6 years
Who rules the Texas Legislatures? Democrats
The Legislature in Texas is dominated by what? Leaders, the speaker, Lieutenant Governor, and Interest Groups
What offers protection to minority faction in the Senate? The Senate 2/3 Rule
Texas Legislatures look to whom for their information? Lobbyists
When a bill is being debated before the whole neighbore, which reading is it on? the 2nd
The Amendments that highlight the anti-federalist fear of a too powerful national government are? 9 and 10 Amendments
The clause contained in the 14th Amendment that has been ruled to make some of the Bill of Rights protected is called? Due Process
What is the Amendment that imposes a number of restrictions on the federal government with respect to the civil liberties of the people, including freedom of religion, speech,l press, assembly, and petition? First Amendment
The establisment clause has been said to prohibit what? Tbe adoption of state religion, makes a wall of separation between church and state, and protects citizens of their basic religions rights.
Freedom of religion is often? Denied
Constitutional doctrine that prevents the government from prohibiting speech or publication before the fact is what? Prior Restraint
The Clear & Present Danger was replaced by what? Direct Incitement
In New York Times vs. Sullivan 1964 the Supreme Court rules what? "actual malice" must be proven to support a finding of libel against a public figure
What types of speech are not protected by the 1st amendment? Obsenity, Libel & Slander, Fighting Words
The Supreme Court had to find obsenity consistently or differently over time? Differently
Who usually regulates obsenity? Local Government
Over which amendment can the police search things in plain view? 4th
Probable cause has been replaced by what? Reasonable suspicion
In 1966, what Supreme Court case made people being arrested have their constitutional rights read to them? Miranda vs. Arizona
What was the purpose of the 5th Amendment? Prevent torture...Miranda Rights
Where illegally siezed evidence can't be used at a tial is what? Exclusionary Rule..violates 4 and 5 Amendments
The right to fair and speedy trial is what amendment? 6
The death penalty in the United States was not in affect between? 1972-1976
The death penalty comes from what amendment? 8
What was the Supreme court case about abortion? Roe vs. wade.
Roe vs. Wade comes from which right? Privacy Rights
Created by: ashley_eliz



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