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Science Vocab #4

Vocabulary words for 7th Grade Science - List #4

Offspring children or young of a particular parent
Interdependent depending on each other; unable to exist or survive without each other
Diversity a point of difference
Acquired to come into possession or ownership of
Duplication a copy
Gamete reproductive cells in humans; male gametes are sperm and female gametes are eggs
Adaptations a feature that is important for an organism's survival (feathers, webbed feet, fur, etc)
Resemble to be like or similar to
Variations differences of characteristics in species
Exposure subjecting to the action or influence of something
Stunting to stop, slow down, or hinder the growth or development of
Ethics rules that enable people to know right from wrong
Palentologist the study of fossils to determine the structure and evolution of extinct animals and plants
Ancestor the actual or hypothetical form from which an organism has developed or descended
Descended to have a specific person or family among one's ancestors
Sustain to give support or relief, to keep up or going, as an action or process
Dissipate to scatter in various; disperse; dispel
Disintegrate to separate into parts or lose intactness or solidness; break up; deteriorate
Created by: Ms. Thacker