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Digital Media


Media Communication that often reaches and impacts a large audience.
Digital media Digital devices and media plattforms that allow users to create, interact and communicate with one another or the device or posts are collected for easy veiwing.
Aggregator A website or app where headings and other content such as the news,articles or posts are collected for easy viewing.
Avatar A 2D or 3D icon that represents a user.
blog short for web blog it is a type of website updated by an individual or group most allows readers to leave comments or posts.
Flaming The act of saying mean things online, usually in all caps often in a public space with an intention of humiliate. A flame war is heated online exchange between users
Mash-up A remix or blend of multiple songs, videos or media content in one product.
MMOG An online virtual word where multiple players navigate and play together
P2P A network that allows for sharing of MP3 videos and other digital files by transferring information directly between two computers rather than going through a server
Phishing The illegal act of sending emails or messages that apperar to be from authentic source but came from spammers. Phisers often try to get people to provide personal information such as passwords.
podcasts A down loadable video or audio file are usually based onm a certain topic and can include music video or commentary
SMS A short message of fewer than 160 characters sent from a cell phone. An MMA is a text message that also contain an attached multimedi file such as a picture or song.
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