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Vital Signs HW

Hypotension abnormally low B/P, less than 100mmHg, systolic in adult
Hypertension an abnormally high B/P, over 140 mmHg, systolic and or 90 mmHg diastolic
Systolic periods during which ventricles contract
Diastole period wher the ventricles relax
Tachycardia abnormally rapid pulse rate, greater than 100 beats/minute
Bradycardia abnormally slow pulse rate, less than 60 beats per minute
Apical, Apical pulse central pulse located at the apex of the Ht
Axilla(e) Armpit, underarm
Pulse wave of blood within an artery
Blood Pressure force exerted on arterial walls by blood flowing within vessel
Syhygmomanoeter device used to measure B/P
Meniscus the crescent-shaped upper surface of a column of liquid
Ausculate to listen
Korotkoft's sounds sound to listen for when taking B/P
Peripheral pulse pulse located in the periphery of the body, foot, hand, or neck
Dysrhythmia a pulse w. an irregular rhythm
Stroke volume (SV) amt of blood ejected w. each cardiac contraction
Cardiac volume volume of blood pumped by the heart per minute
Compliance the extent to which an individual's behavior coincides w. medical/ health advice
Lumen of a blood vessel inside, interior, or cavity of a tubular structure
Blood Viscosity thickness and stickness of blood. Direct measure of the ability of blood to flow through the vessels
Elasticity adaptable, being elastic, strechtable
Orthostatic hypotension (OH) Extreme drop in B/P occur when a person stands up suddenly, cause blood to pool in blood vessels of legs.
Atherosclerosis buildup of fatty plaques within arteries
Arteriosclerosis refers to thickening and hardening of arterial walls in the arteries
Core temperature the temperature of the deep tissue of the body
Surface Temperature the temperature of the tissue, the subcutaneous tissue, and fat.
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