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Greece Unit Test

The Greeks relied on the sea for travel and trade. True
Due to the geographic factors the Greeks... Lived in isolated viliiages
The Greeks did not like traveling by land because... Traveling through the mountains was difficult
What is the correct order the Greeks took to start a colony. Consult an oracle, Gather food and supplies, Travel by sea, Choose a good location
The name of the land form Greece is found on is a... Peninsula
Greeks raised sheep, grew olive trees and lived in isolated communities because Greece has mostly what physical feature throughout it? Mountains
The Greeks traded for what they needed because the did not have enough ________ to feed themselves. (not food) Land/Farmland
A small group of rich wealthy men that ran the government are called a.... Oligarchy
one ruler, that inherited power. Monarch
Who lost their power when they were overthrown. Tyrant
Who makes the law in a monarchy? Monarch/Kings
What is the order of the way a government tend to develop? (there are 4 types) monarch,oligarchy,tyrant,democracy
Who advised the king in a monarchy? Aristocrat
What group of people became the ruling group after the Monarch. They made up the Oligarchy. The wealthy land owners.
In the Athens democracy _____ _____ were allowed to speak at the assembly. Free Men
Why were Spartans suspicious of outsiders? (think geography) Isolated
The role of the Athens Assembly was to ______ laws the _______ suggested. The role of the Athens Assembly was to pass laws the council suggested.
How did someone become a member of Athens’s Council of 500? They had a drawing with men that are 30 or older.
Why did Sparta use heavy iron bars as money? Because they did not depend on trade so basically everyone else used coins because they traded and so it would be harder to steal money. You would need a cart to even make it worth it to steal money.
What did Sparta demand of the people they conquered. That they were slaves/give most of their food to Sparta
What city-state gave both boys and girls military training. Sparta
Which city-state allowed women to own their own property. Sparta
Athens and Sparta were rivals for many years but they became allies to fight the... Persians
Why did the Persians think it would be easy to conquer Greece? Persians outnumbered them by a lot
At the battle of Salamis the Greeks won that battle due to their knowledge of Greece’s ______ on waterway Channels
Persia fought Greece because they wanted... Revenge
What battles were won by clever strategies? marathon and salami they trapped them in the small channel and they went around and trapped them in the middle and won.
Preserving Greek independence was an important result of the Persian Wars? True
Why was it surprising that the Greeks won the Persian War? they were outnumbered, poor, etc.
Today we use religious buildings as places to pray. In ancient Greek times, Greeks believed that the Greek temples were ______ ______ for the gods and goddesses. Today we use religious buildings as places to pray. In ancient Greek times, Greeks believed that the Greek temples were earthly homes for the gods and goddesses.
Think about the differences between Athens public places and their neighborhoods. the cities were way nicer and the private spaces were Based on what you know, Greeks believed that ______ ______ was more important than _____ _____ Think about the differences between Athens public places and their neighborhoods. the cities were way nicer and the private spaces were Based on what you know, Greeks believed that public spaces was more important than private spaces
At the temple at Delphi the priestess said her word were from... Apollo
Greeks love of sports show they... Valued physical health as much as intellect
Which column is simple Doric
Macedonia was able to conquer Greece because the Greek city-states fought against each other in the Peloponnesian War. True
One way Alexander helped the Greece city-state unite was by focusing their attention on a common enemy. True
What is a way Alexander conquered with kindness? He respected their religions and leaders He liked/respected their religions and leaders
How did Alexander use religion and importance of gods to control the people and his empire? What they did before said he was a god
Alexander did not respect the beliefs of many different peoples. False
Why did Alexander build his cities with an agora temple,theater, and university. Because he liked Greek ideas.
After Alexander beat Persia he kept his power by adopting Persian... Practices
After Alexander died... The empire fell apart
Hippocrates was an important Greek doctor that... Observed and came to conclusions
Pythagoras and Euclid were part of Biology
In America today we have juries of citizens, this is result the Greek legacy of... Government and Politics
Greece contributed to our language. The word geography means writing about the earth
Many for the memorials and statues we see today are a influenced by... Greek Architecture
Created by: Alexis.Moore



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