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What kind of fossil is a 3D version or copy of an organism that once lived? cast
Hollow space in sediment left by an organism is what kind of fossil? mold
Mark left behind, such as a footprint that has been fossilized, showing an organism once living is called what? trace fossil
This is a fossil that was widely distributed, such as a trilobite, scientists use to compare to others to get the age. index fossil
In superposition, the layer of rock above you can usually find younger fossils or older fossils? younger
When an animal species is no longer living, this is called extinction
When a tropical leaf fossil is found in Antartica, one could suggest that..... at one time it had a tropical climate
What are some causes that could have caused a mass extinction of dinosaurs? volcanic eruptions, asteroid, sudden sea level change, etc.
Fossils of ancient sealife have been found in my backyard! Do you believe it? What can this suggest? My backyard was once covered by a shallow sea.
Most fossils can be found in what type of rock? sedimentary
Which type of rock is made of layers? sedimentary
A dessert with many layers could represent what rock?? sedimentary
When my hand pushes into the sand leaving an imprint...this is what kind of fossil? mold
An old clay pot hundreds of years old was found buried, is that a fossil? no, it was not living at one time
Trilobite is a well known ____ fossil index
Ice, tar, and amber are substances that can preserve a whole organism. True or False? True
Preserved organisms differ from mold fossils how? Preserved organisms are basically the fossilized version of the whole organism, where a mold is just an imprint.
How does wood become a fossil and at times just not rot away? Minerals leach into it-petrifaction
Where most likely is the place to go to find fossils? Foot of volcano or foot of lake bed Lake bed
Fossils and _____ are most likely to be found in sedimentary rock. evidence of past climates
Place where animals found their doom in tar. LaBrea Tar Pits
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