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chp 16 peds

integumentary disorders

an infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth ca infection to used by the fungus candida thrush
can breastfeeding transfer to mothers nipples? yes if good hygiene is not followed
thrush being passed along the GI tract can cause this_____ diaper rash aka dermatitis, inflammation of esophagus and stomach
s/s of thrush white patches that resemble milk curds on tongue, inner lips, gums and oral mucosa
discomfort of thrush can cause____ anorexia
inflammation caused by prolonged contact with an irritant such as urine or feces diaper rash aka dermatitis
s/s of diaper rash red,irritated skin, sometimes accompanied by blistering
beefy red rash is generally indicative of? candidiasis
treatment for diaper rash zinc oxide ointments, petroleum jelly can help prevent
inflammation of genetically hypersensitive skin atopic dermatitis aka infantile eczema
s/s of atopic dermatitis lesions from vesicles that weep and develop a dry crust, itching is constant, lesions are easily infected
_____ is worse in the winter than in the summer atopic dermatitis
_____ is not recommended for the use of diaper rash baby powder
meds for treatment of atopic dermatitis antihistamines- atarax,benadryl,claritin,allegra antibiotics topical corticosteroids nonsteroidal agents
used to decrease inflammation during flare ups,use for kids older than 2yrs. nonsteroidal agents
used intermittentlt to reduce flare ups, low dose,moderate or high potency depends on age,degree of skin involement and side affects topical corticosteroids
used to treat secondary infection antibiotics
oral for antipruritic effect, preferred use during day time antihistamines- claritin,allegraan
infectious disease of the skin caused by staphylococci or group A beta hemolytic strep impetigo
the first symptoms of a nonbullous lesion from impetigo is red papules that become small vesicles or PUSTULES surrounded by redness
vesicles that become fluid filled, eventually rupture,collapse,and leave a base with a peeling rim bullous lesions
contagious skin to skin impetigo pustules
impetigo lesions should be cleaned with what,and how many times a day? soap and water, 3-4 times
impetigo can be prevented by nurses using______ proper aseptic methods
the bacterial genus ________ is comprised of common bacteria that are found in dust and on the skin staphylococcus aureus
isnt a problem with healthy body defenses, but if the number of organisms increases in infants with low resistance______ may occur skin infections
staphylococcus treatment antibiotics, ointments, hand washing
bacterial infection of skin and subcutaneous tissue cellulitis
cellulitis is caused by strepococcus, staphylococcus, haemophilus influenzae
s/s of cellulitis edemaatous, tender red, warm skin, can form a abscess,fever, septicemia
treatment of cellulitis handwashing,oral antibiotics, warm moist compress
three types of _______ head lice,crabs,body lice pediculosis
pediculosis capitis head lice
pediculosis pubis crabs
pediculosis corporis body lice
s/s of pediculosis severe itiching, matted hair,pustules or excoriations seen around face
treatment of pediculosis permethrin-nix,pyrethrin shampoos, lindane-kwell, combing hair with fine tooth comb
categorized as thermal,radiation,electrical,or chemical burns
_____ can cause fluid and electrolyte imbalances that can affect every body system severs burns
major complications of severe burns infection,scarring, functional disabilities
burn wound are classified by body surface area, depth and location,association with other injures
rules of 9 due not work in infants and children due to body size
an _______ is inserted if the child is in respiratory distress endotracheal tube
treatment for burns iv fluids,foley catheter,o2
important care of burns maintenance of airway, shock prevention
_________ occurs if inhaled smoke or can involve face and chest burns airway obstruction
treatment for superficial burns cool compresses/soothing lotions
treatment for superficial partial thickness burns antimicrobial agent, heal within 2 to 3 weeks
______ is commonly used for partial or full thickness burns to prevent sepsis silvadene
range of motion,__________,debridement are used in treatment of burns hydrotherapy
______ maybe necessary in full thickness burns skin grafts
skin obtained from human cadavers allograft
obtained from an undamaged area of the pt body autograft
_____ must be removed to prevent infection in burned skin eschar
type of med only ordered if infection in burns occur antibiotics, penicillin,erythromycin
pain control for burns morphine sulfate
in severe burns with absent bowel sounds the child will be_______ for first 24-48hrs npo
diet for child with burns HIGH PROTEIN,HIGH CALORIE
_____ concerns are important for a older child during recovery body image
families may be dealing with this due to burns on family member guilt,anger,denial,fear,grief
an inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles in the skin acne vulgaris
______ is a plug of keratin,sebum,and bacteria comedo
the surface of a comedo is darkened by melanin blackhead
closed comedones responsible for the inflammatory process of acne whiteheads
type of diet with acne vulgaris regular
pt who are not taking tetracycline or vitamin a benefit from sunshine
otc benzoyl lotions or gel act to dry and peel skin along with supressing fatty acid growth
aids in elimination of keratinous plugs topical retinoic acid derivartive---retin A
these meds may be given along with topical meds in serious cases tetracycline,doxycycline,erythromycin
is now being used for pt with severe pustulocycstic acne accutane
can interfer with birth control TETRACYCLINE
more than 50% of skin disorders in children are a form of_______ dermatitis
_____ can live up to 1 month on the host, but only 48hrs without one lice
what are the manifestations of scabies thread like rash between fingers and other moist ares, pruritus, eczematmous in infants
med for ringworm griseofulvin-grifulvin
med for thrush nystain-mycostatin
med for head lice pediculicide
med for lyme disease amoxicillin-amoxil
discharge instructions for a 6month old with impetigo clean nipples and pacifiers frequently,apply topical antibacterial ointment to the infection due not wash off, use clean towel to dry off infant after bath
nurse reviews way to prevent diaper dermatitis with a new mom use superabsorbent disposable diapers,change as soon as wet, apply a barrier ointment
discharge instructions for child with contact dermatitis should gently scrub skin to remove crusty areas
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