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Science Module 9

Apologia Exploring Creation Science DNA Module 9

What does DNA do? It provides the information necessary to take a bunch of lifeless chemicals and turn them into a living system.
In order to make life, what must happen? Chemicals that make it up, must be organize in the right way.
What is DNA? A molecule.
What is an Atom? The smallest chemical unit of matter.
What is a Molecule? Two or more atoms linked together to make a substance with unique properties.
How many different kinds of atoms are there? There are "about" 116.
In general, which is smaller: an atom or a molecule? Atoms link together to make molecules, so atoms are smaller.
Which molecule represents the most efficient means of storing data in all of creation? A really big molecule called DNA.
Which human science product stores information as efficiently as DNA does? This is a trick question, there is not one.
How is a cookbook like DNA? They have information that takes many individual chemicals that are not alive and puts them together in such a way as to make life.
What is a Double Helix? Shape that is formed by two long strands of atoms linked together in just the right way. These strands make up the backbone of the DNA.
What is a nucleotide base? The little units attached to the strands that make up DNA.
What are the four different nucleotide bases in a DNA molecule? They are called adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine.
What is Morse code? A series of dots and dashes used to represent letters and numerals when communicating with the telegraph.
A scientist analyzes one half of a portion of DNA. She determines the following sequence:adenine, thymine, cytosine, adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine. What is the sequence of nucleotide bases on the other half of this portion of DNA? thymine, adenine, guanine, thymine, cytosine, guanine, adenine
What is DNA held together with on one half of the molecule and linking together with on the other half? nucleotide bases
In DNA, what nucleotide base can adenine link together with? thymine
In DNA, what nucleotide base can cytosine link together with? guanine
Suppose that any nucleotide base could link up with any other nucleotide base. If this were the case, would there be any way of reconstructing the nucleotide base sequence from one half of a portion of DNA? There would be no way to do it.
What does this mean: "All life forms have a method by which they extract energy from the surroundings and convert it into energy that sustains them." All living organisms must eat or "take" in food to survive.
What is a chemical called that we use as a food source; easily found in potatoes. Starch
What is glucose? A chemical that leaves produce and convert into energy to survive.
What is photosynthesis? The process by which green plants and some other organisms use the energy of sunlight and simple chemicals to produce their own food.
What is one of the benefits of photosynthesis? It produces oxygen.
What is Metabolism? The process by which an organism converts The process by which food is broken down and converted to energy.
Some fertilizers are advertised as “high-quality plant food.” What is wrong with such an advertisement? Plants make their own food. Fertilizers are plant “vitamins.”
If a biosphere is completely closed off, like in an aquarium tank, organisms will live for quite a long time, as long as you provide the biosphere with one thing. What one thing must you provide? You must provide light.
What are receptors? Special structures that allow living organisms to sense the conditions of their internal or external environment
A living organism's ability to ...... is a critical part of survival. sense and respond to changes in its surrounding environment
Name at least one example that shows how plants sense and respond to change. Plants can sense where the greatest amount of light is, and they grow toward that light.
What must all living organisms do to ensure that their kind will continue? reproduce
What are maggots? They are “baby” flies.
What process do maggots use to transform into adults? metamorphosis
What is a litter? When some animals reproduce, several babies are born to a single mother.
How many babies does the average mother have to have in order to keep the human population steady? 2.2
What does Precocial mean? A term used to describe offspring that are born able to hear, see, move about, regulate body temperature, and eliminate waste without a parent's help
What does Altricial mean? A term used to describe offspring that are born without at least one of the following abilities: hear, see, move about, regulate body temperature, or eliminate waste.
What is a Cell? The smallest unit of life in creation.
What do we call the outer covering of a cell? A membrane
What is the jelly like substance in a cell called? A cytoplasm.
What are organelles? They are suspended in the cytoplasm of the cell.
What is your entire body is made up of? Cells
How large are the cells in your body? They average about 1 to 3 ten thousandths of an inch across.
How many cells does it take to make up your body? Trillions
How many cells does it take to perform all the functions of life? A single cell.
Why are Cells considered to be alive? Cells themselves can reproduce.
What is the Nucleus? The most important organelle in the cell.
What are the three kinds of cells in creation? They are animal cells, plant cells, and bacteria.
Bacteria is found living in these. The tiniest, single-celled organisms.
What is a mule is the offspring of? A female horse and a male donkey.
Created by: grantham10