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5th grade science

5th grade science chapter 9

Largest bird in the workd ostrich
Bird that encloses itself in its nest hornbill
Only bird that can fly backward hummingbird
Bird that can dive through the air at great speeds - pointed wings peregrine falcon
Bird that is the relative of the ostrich rhea
Whale-headed storke shoebill
Colorful - 40 different kind bird of paradise
Rounded wings - ground bird pheasant
5 classifications of animals fish, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles
cold-blooded animal classifications fish, amphibians, reptiles
warm-blooded animal classifications mammals, birds
Characteristics of a fish cold-blooded, gills, scales, lay eggs, live in water
Characteristics amphibians cold-blooded, young have gills, adults have lungs, smooth skin, lay eggs, live in water and on land
Characteristics of reptiles cold-blooded, lungs, scale-like coverings, most lay eggs, most live on land
Characteristics of mammals warm-blooded, breath with lungs, hair, four limbs, birth to live young, produce milk
Characteristics of birds warm-blooded, lungs, feathers, lay eggs, most fly
Fish with both eyes on one side flounder
Shark's skeleton is made of cartilage
Lamprey is an example of a _________ fish jawless
Structure that helps fish to stay at one level in water swim bladder
Helps keep water flowing in the right direction - fish gill cover
Snake - shedding the outer layer of skin molting
Snake - special scent organ Jacobson's organ
Tiniest snake blind snake
Snake - poison venom
Largest poisonous snake king cobra
Most feared snake mamba
Lizard - squirts blood from its eyes horned lizard
The only lizards in the world that us poison beaded lizard and gila monster
Lizard that can live in water marine iguana
Largest lizard komodo dragon
Turtle - round, tough layer of skin scutes
Turtle - upper section, round like a helmet carapace
Most turtles live in __________ water fresh
Cold-blooded animal that stays with its young until they hatch crocodile
Crocodilian that live in the southern US alligator
Amphibians - protect themselves with poisonous _________ slime
Baby frogs tadpoles
Animals change from one form to another metamorphosis
Largest lalamander Japanese giant salamander
Young amphibians breathe with______ gills
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