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Risk Management

matching terms for the test

Adjudication Ajudicial action leading to a judgment
Appeal An application to a higher court to correct or modify the judgment of a lower court
Assumption of Risk defense in a negligence action; a person who voluntarily exposes himself to a known danger may not recomer for the injury
Breach of Contract Failure. without legal excuse, to perform the obligations and terms of a contract
Civil Action A lawsuit instituted to protect a private right, as constrasted with actions to protect the rights of the state
Common Law The law developed for past decisions in American and English courts
Contributory Negligence Conduct on the part of the plaintiff that contributes to the plaintiff's injury
Forseeability An occurrence which a reasonable and prudent person would percieve and anticipate
Governmental Function Various activities of a political entity carried our for the protection and benefit of the general public
Indemnify To compensate onfor a loss or to reimburese one for expenses incurred
In Loco Parentis Acting as a parent with respect to the care and supervision of a child
Negligence Conduct falling below the standard of care required of a reasonable and prudent person in relation to the protections of others
Proximate Cause Something which produces a result, without which, the result could not have occurred
Respondeat Superior A legal rule that holds an employer liable for the negligent acts and actons of employees
Tort Civil worngs, not arising from a breach of a contract
Ultra Vires Act an action of a person which is outside the scope of authority granted by law
Invitee A person who goes upon the land or premises fo another by express or implied invitation
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