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Land and Water Unit - Vocabulary

Condensation the process by which water vapor becomes water
Erosion the wearing away and moving of soil and rocks
Evaporation the process by which water becomes water vapor
Ground water water that has soaked into the soil
Precipitation Our "scientific" word rain, snow, sleet or hail
Runoff water that flows over the surface of land
States of Matter the forms that matter exist in: solid, liquid, & gas
Water the clear liquid making up oceans, lakes and streams
Water Cycle the process by which water moves through the ground, evaporates into the air, forms clouds and falls back to earth as rain.
Water Vapor when water molecules escape into the air in the form of gas
deposition the process by which materials that were eroded are dropped somewhere else
property something about an object that helps identify it.
Stream table the model that we used in class that showed us the effects of erosion and deposition caused by water
model is a smaller or larger version of an object used to represent the actual object
matter anything that takes up space
pore space open spaces between soil particles that ground water can seep into
weathering to become worn by the actions of weather
flow to move freely, as a fluid; to proceed or move steadily and easily
Created by: brianconniem