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Computer Ethics


What is a Trojan horse virus? that looks good but, really is not
What is a software virus? Hides inside regular computer files
What is a Worm? programs that looks for security holes in software
What is an Email virus? Spreads to everyone in your address book
What is a Copyright? is the legal right of ownership to the work produced in books, music, plays, graphics/pictures and computer software
What is a Infringement? is the Act of violating a copyright by copying or otherwise distributing a copyrighted work without permission or authorization
What is a network? a group of computers
How do you protect from computer Viruses? don’t open emails from unknown people,download unknown things
Where do computer viruses and worms come from? they are made by people who are good with computers
What are some symptoms of having a computer virus? slow computers,system failure
Whats a computer Virus? a tiny program that gets in computers and makes trouble
What does a copy right do? Copyright protects tangible expression of ideas
What happens if you Infredge If you on someone else’s copyright you can be sued.
What does a fair do? llows copyrighted work to be re purposed and used in another work
How can you get a computer virus? when your computer takes in information
What is software? programs that tell a computer what to do are called
What is copyright software? software that is legally protected against copying or being used is called
What is a Public Domain? software is Non-copyrighted software that anyone may copy or use without charge.
What is Shareware? is copyrighted software that may be tried without expense but requires payment if you decide to use it.
What is Freeware? is software on the web that is freely available (but retains a copyright
What is a computer piracy? is the act of stealing valuable property by copying software, music, graphics/pictures, movies and books (all available on the Internet).
What is hacking? Breaking into computers to read private e-mails and other files. (Hackers delete or alter files.)
What is Identity theft? Occurs when someone appropriates another's personal information without their knowledge to commit theft or fraud.
Is it a crime to release a virus on porpoise? It is a crime to intentionally release a virus or worm to harm others or attack networks.
What will happen if you commit one of these crimes? If you commit identity theft, piracy, intentionally release a harmful computer file, or hack, you can serve jail time and/or be required to pay HUGE fines.
Created by: 10033810