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Chapter 21 Geography

Subcontinent Large landmass that is smaller than a continent
Mount Everest Highest mountain on the planet -- measures some 29,035 feet
Ganges River India's most important river which flows across northern India and into Bangladesh
Delta Landform at the mouth of a river created by sediment deposits
Indus River fertile river area located in Pakistan, provides agriculture to a populate region.
Monsoons seasonal winds that bring either moist or dry air to an area.
Dehlhi was a capital city in Northern India for Turkish Muslims during the Mughal Empire.
colony a territory inhabited and controlled by people form a foreign land.
partition division
Hinduism dominant religion of India
Buddhism a religion based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama-the Buddha
caste system divided Indian society into groups based on person's birth or occupation.
Mumbai (Bombay)and Kolkata (Calcutta) Two large bustling cities in India
urbanization increase in the number of people who live in the city
green revolution a program that encouraged farmers to adopt modern agricultural methods
Sherpas an ethnic group from the mountains of Nepal
Kashimir disputed region that is fought over by India and Pakistan
Dhaka capital and largest city in Bangladesh
Kathmandu capital and largest city in Nepal
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