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Input devices

Input device is very important for our PC. Choose the right card.

Scanner It uses light-sensing equipment to convert images such as a picture or text into electronic signals that can be manipulated by a computer.
Mouse It is a pointing device designed to be taken by one hand. To select items or choose commands on the screen, the user presses a button on it.
Keyboard It is a typewriter-like device that allows the user to type in text and commands to the computer.
Microphone It is a device for converting sound into signals than can then be stored, manipulated, and played back by the computer.
Printer It takes text and image form a computer and print them on paper.
Modem This device, which stands for modulator-demodulator, is a device that connects a computer to a telephone line or cable television network and allows information to be transmitted to or received from another computer.
Video display It converts information generated by the computer into visual information. They commonly take one of two forms: a video screen with a cathode ray tube (CRT) or a video screen with a liquid crystal display (LSD).
Voice recognition module It is a device that converts spoken words into information that the computer can recognize and process.
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