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Jayci Life Science

Jayci Life Science Unit 1

What is Science an organized way of studying things and finding answers to questions, and is therfore important to everyday life to solving problems
What is the first step in the Scientific Method State the problem
What is the second step in the Scientific Method Gather information
What is the third step in the Scientific Method Form a hypothesis
What is the fourth step in the Scientific Method Perform an experiment
What is the fifth step in the Scientific Method Analyze data
What is the sixth step in the Scientific Method Draw conclusions
What is the seventh step in the Scientific Method RETEST
If the hypothesis is NOT supported go back to step step 3 and try again
If the hypothesis IS supported then go back to step step 4 and try again
what are three types of biologist botanist, zoologist, and bacteriologist
what are botanists study plants
What are zoologists study animals
What are bacteriologist study bacteria
How do scientists gather information doing fieldwork, laboratory investigations or by using coputer models
When testing a hypothesis you should have a control and only one variable
Always consider what before doing experiments and why ethical questions so nobody gets hurt or offended
The International System of Units uses what form of measurement SI uses the metric system of measurement
What symbolizes poison a picture of skull and crossbones
What are the five characteristics of any living organism organizationresponse to stimuli - homeostasisability to use energydevelopment and growthreproduction
What do most organisms need to take in in order to release energy of foods and to survive oxygen
What are the things an organism needs to live a place to live and raw materials such as food and water
What would happen if living things did not reproduce the whole species would die out and disappear
Most organisms are composed of more than 50% water
Created by: Jayci