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Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistant abbreviations G - T

g  or G gram  
G/C, Geri-chair Geriatric chair
ga   gauge  
gal   gallon  
garg   gargle  
gastro-   stomach  
GB   ballbladder  
GERD   gastroesophageal reflux disease  
GI   gastrointestinal  
GM  or gm gram  
gr   grain  
grad   by degrees  
GRAS   generally recognized as safe  
Grav (I, II,...etc.)   number of pregnancies, gravida  
GSW   gun shot wound  
gt   drop  
gt/gtt   drop/drops  
gtt   drop(s)  
GTT   glucose tolerance test  
G-Tube   gastric feed tube/ gastrostomy tube  
GU   genitourinary  
guttat   drop by drop  
GYN  or gyn gynecological  
H & H   hematocrit & hemoglobin  
H & P   history and physical  
H, hr.   hour, hours  
h.s.   hour of sleep  , at bedtime  
H/A   headache  
h/o   history of  
h; hr   hour  
H2O   water  
H2O2   hydrogen peroxide  
HA, H/A   headache  
HAL   hyperalimentation  
HAP   hospital acquired pneumonia  
Hb or Hbg   hemoglobin  
HBV   hepatitis B virus  
HCT  or Hct   hematocrit  
HDL   high density lipoprotein  
HEENT   head, eyes, ears, nose, throat  
hema-, hem-, hemo-   blood  
hemi-   1/2, one side  
HEPA   high efficiency particulate air filter/mask  
hetero-   different  
Hg   mercury  
Hgb  or HGB Hemoglobin  
HHD   healthy heart diet  
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HIV   human immunodeficiency virus  
HL   heparin lock  
HMO   health maintenance organization  
HOB  or hob, H.O.B. head of bed  
HOH   hard of hearing  
homo-   same  
hor. decub.   bedtime  
hosp.   hospital  
HPI   history of present illness  
hr   hour  
HR   heart rate  
HS or hs (do not use)   hour of sleep/bedtime  
HSV   herpes simplex virus  
HT  or ht or Ht height  
HTN  or Htn or htn hypertension  
hx  or HX or Hx history  
hyper   above normal or high,too fast, rapid  
hypo   below or low  , les than normal
I & O   intake and output  
I&D   incision and drainage  
IBW   ideal body weight  
ICU   intensive care unit  
ID   indentification; intradermal  
IDDM   insulin dependent diabetes mettitus  
ii   two  
IM   Intramuscular  
in   inch  
in. d   daily  
inc incontinent
inc.   incision  
INF   interferon  
int   internal  
IOP   intraocular pressure  
irrig   irrigate, irrigation  
IRV   inspiratory reserve volume  
IS   incentive spirometer  
isol   isolation  
IUD   intra-uterine device  
IUFD   intrauterine fetal death  
IV   Intraveneous  
IVF   intravenous fluids  
IVP   intravenous push (do not use to mean IV piggyback)  
IVP   intravenous pyelogram  
IVP   intravenous push  
IVPB   intravenous piggyback  
J   joule  
JCAHO   Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Org.  (on accreditation of healthcare organizations  )
JVD   jugular vein distention  
K+   potassium  
kg   kilogram  
KUB   kidney, ureter, bladder (x-ray)  
KVO   keep vein open  
KVO; TKO   keep vein open; to keep open  
l liter  
L (with circle around), L, lt. Left;
L 1-5   lumbar vertebrae or nerves  
L&D   labor and delivery  
L/E   lower extremities  
l/min   liters per minute  
lab   laboratory  
LAT, lat   lateral  
lb; lbs.   pound  
LBW   low birth weight  
LD   lethal dose  
LDH   low dose hepron  
LDL   low density lipoprotein  
leuko-   white  
lg   large  
LGA   large for gestational age  
lig   ligament  
lipo-   fat  
liq. Or liq liquid  
litho-   stone  
LLE   left lower extremity  
LLL   left lower lobe  
LLQ   left lower quadrant (abdomen)  
LMP   last menstrual period  
lmp   lower extremity/lupus  
LOC   level of conciousness  
LP   lumbar puncture  
LPM   liter per minute  
LPN   licensed practical nurse  
LTC   long-term care  
LTD   lowest tolerated dose  
LUE   left upper extremity  
LUE   left upper extremity  
LUL   left upper lobe  
LUQ   left upper quadrant  
LVH   left ventricular hypertrophy  
LVN   licensed vocational nurse  
lymphs   lymphocytes  
macro-   large  
MAE   moves all extremities  
maew   move all extremities well  
mal-   bad  
man. prim.   first thing in the morning  
MAP   mean arterial pressure  
mcg   microgram  
MD   medical doctor  
MDI   metered-dose inhaler  
MDS Minimum Data Set
MED   minimum effective dose  
med  , meds medication  
Med.   medical, medicine  
mega-   large  
melano-   black  
mEq or MEQ   millequivalent  
mg   milligram  
MI   myocardial infarction  
micro-   small  
MICU   medical intensive care unit  
MID   minimum ineffective dose  
milli-   1/1000  
min   minute  
minum   minum  
misc   miscellaneous  
mist.   mixture  
ml  ,mL,ML millileter(s)  
MLD   minimum lethal dose  
mm   millimeter  
MM   mucous membrane  
mm Hg millimeter  of mercury
mMol   millimole  
MN   midnight  
mo   month  
mod.   moderate  
mono-   single  
mor. dict.   as directed  
mor. sol.   as accustomed  
MPC   maximum permitted concentration  
mr   millroentgen  
MRA   magnetic resonance angiography  
MRI   magnetic resonance imaging  
MRSA   methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus  
MS   multiple sclerosis  
multi-   many  
My   myopia  
myo-   muscle  
n   nerve  
N&V  ,N & V nausea and vomiting  
n.b.   note well  
N.K.D.A.   no known drug allergies  
N.P.O.   nothing by mouth  
n.r.   do not repeat  
N.T.   nasotracheal  
N/A  , n/a not applicable  
N/C   no complaints  
N/C   No call
N/V   nausea and vomiting  
N/V/D   nausea, vomiting, diarrhea  
NA Nursing Assistant
Na+   sodium  
NAD   no apparent distress  
NAS   no added salt  
NB   newborn  
NC   Nasal cannula  
NCB   no code blue  
nCi   nanocurie  
NCS   no concentrated sweets  
necro-   dead  
neg   negative  
neo-   new  
nephro-   kidney  
neuro-   nerve  
NF Nursing Facility
NG tube  or NGT   nasogastric tube  
NG; N/G   nasogastric  
NH   nursing home  
NIDDM   non-insulin dependent diabetes mettitus  
NKA   No Known Allergies  
NKA or NKDA   no known allergies or no known drug allergies  
NKDA   No Known Drug Allergies  
NMR   nuclear magnetic resonance  
nn   nerves  
NOC  or noc Night  
noct.   nighttime  
noct. maneq.   night and morning  
nocto-   night  
normo-   normal  
NPO   nothing by mouth
NR   no refil  
NS   normal saline  
NSAID   asprin  
NSR   normal sinus rhythm  
nulli-   none  
NVD   normal vaginal delivery  
NWB Non-weight bearing
O   None or negative  
O.D.   right eye  
O.J.   orange juice  
O.U.   both eyes  
o; os   orally; by mouth  
O2   oxygen  
OB   obstetrics  
OBRA Omnibus Budget Reconcillation Act
occ occasionally
od   overdose  
OD  , od Right eye  
oint   ointment  
oligo-   scanty, deficient  
om. mane vel noc.   every morning or night  
omn. hor.   every hour  
omn. noc.   every night  
OOB   out of bed (up and about)  
OP   outpatient  
OPD   outpatient department  
OR   operating room  
ortho   orthopedics  
os   mouth/opening  
OS   left eye  
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
osteo-   bone  
OT   occupational therapy  
OTC   over the counter  
OU   both eyes  
oz.   ounce  
P   pulse  
p  (with line on top) after  
P, p   melting point  
p.c.   (with line on top) after meals  
P.D.   postural drainage  
P.E.   physical exam  
P.I.   present illness  
P.M.  , pm, p.m. after noon  
p.o.  ,PO by mouth  , orally
p.r.   throught the rectum  
P.T.A.   prior to admission  
p.v.   through the vagina  
PA   posteroanterior;pernicious anemia  
Papsmear   Papanicolaou smear  
part. vic.   in divided doses  
pc   after meals  
PCA   patient controlled analgesia  
PCT   patient care technician  
PCWP   pulmonary capillary wedge pressure  
PD   interpupillary distance  
PE   physical exam  
PE   pulmonary embolus  
PEARL   pupil equal and reactive to light  
PEEP   positive and expiratory pressure  
PEFR   peak expiratory flow rate  
PEG Percutaneous enteral gastrostomy
PEG tube   percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube  
per   by or through  
per os by mouth
Peri care Perineal Care
PERLA   pupils equal, react to light accommodation  
PERRL   pupils equal, round, reactive to light  
PERRLA   pupils equal, round, reactive to light with accomodations  
PET   positron emission tomography  
PFT   pulmonary function test  
PH   past history  
pH   symbol for degree of acidity or alkalinity  
phlebo-   vein  
PI   present illness/previous illness  
PICC   perioherally inserted central catheter  
PID   pelvic inflammatory disease  
pil.   pill  
PKU   phenyldetonuria  
PMH   Past Medical History  or previous medical history
PMI   point of maximal impluse  
PMS   premenstrual syndrome  
PND   paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea  
PNS Peripheral nervous system
po  , PO by mouth  
POD   postoperative day  
poly-   many, much  
pos positive
post-   after  
Post  , post posterior  
postop.   post-operative; after surgery  
PP   postpartum  
PP   post prandial  
PPBS   postprandial blood sugar (sugar level following a meal)  
PPD   purified protein derivative  
PPE   personal protective equipment  
pr   By rectum  
pre-   before  
pre-op before surgery
prep   prepare for  
Prep.   preparation, prepare  
primi-   first  
PRN  , prn, p.r.n. as needed  ,when ever necessary
pro-   before; in front of  
PROM   Passive Range of Motion  
psuedo-   false  
psych-   mind  
PT   Physical therapy  
Pt  , pt patient  
PTD   prior to discharge  
PUD Peptic ulcer Disease
PVC   premature ventricular contraction  
PVD   peripheral vascular disease  
PWB Partal weight Bearing
pyo-   puss  
pyo-   pus  
q   (with line on top) every  
q.i.d., qid, QID four times a day  
q.l.   as much as wanted  
q.p.   as much as desired  
q.s.  ,qs as much as needed  ,quantity sufficient  
q.v.   as much as you please  
q2h   every two hours (can be any number)  ; q3h - every 3 hrs; q4h-every 4 hrs
q4h   every four hours  
qam   every morning  
qd   every day  
qh   every hour  
qh, qhr every hour  
qhs (do not use)   every night/at bedtime  
qns   quantitiy not sufficient  
qod   every other day  
qoutid.   daily  
qpm   every evening  
QS, Q.S. every shift or once a shift
qt   quart  
qt   quart  
quad four ,quadriplegic
quadri-   4  
ques   question  
r   rectal  
R  , resp respirations  
R (circled)  ,R; rt.   right  
R.I.C.E Rest, Ice,Compression, Elevation
R.L.Q.   right lower quadrant (abdomen)  
R/A Rheumatoid arthritis
r/o or R/O   rule out  
rad   radiation absorbed dose  
RAI   Resident Assessment Instrument
RAI   radioactive iodine  
Rbc   red blood cells  
RBC   red blood cell count  
RD   registered dietician  
RDA   recommended daily  
RE   right eye  
re-   do again  
Reg  , reg. regular  
Rehab rehabilitaion
Req. requisition
RES, res Resident
RLE   right lower extremity  
RLL   right lower lobe  
RLQ   right lower quadrant  
RML   right middle lobe of lung  
RN   registered nurse  
ROM  , R.O.M. Range of Motion  
ROS   review of systems  
RQ   respiratory quotient  
RR   recovery room; respiratory rate  
RT   radiation therapy/respiratory therapy  
RTO   return to office  
RUE   right upper extremity  
RUL   right upper lobe  
RUQ   right upper quadrant (abdomen)  
RX or rx   treatment or prescription  
S   mark  
s  (with line on top), w/o   without  
S.   sacral  
S.E.   standard error  
s.o.s.   if necessary  
S/P   status post  
S/P   no change after  
S/S  , S&S signs and symptoms  
S1-5   sacral vertebra  
SA   sinoatrial  
SBA   stand by assist  
SBO   small bowel obstruction  
SC or SQ  or sc, sq, or sc ,s.q. subcutaneous  
SCD   sequential compression device  
semi-   half  
semih.   half an hour  
sero-sang   sero-sanguinous  
SGA   small for gestational age  
SICU   surgical intensive care  
Sig   directions  
SIRS   systemic inflammatory response syndrome  
SL   sublingual  
Sl   slight  
SLP   speech language, Pathology  
sm   small  
SNAFU Situation Normal , all fouled up
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
SOB   shortness of breath  
sol   solution  
sono   sonogram  
SOS   May Repeat  
sp. gr.   specific gravity  
spec. specimen
SPECT   single photon emission computed tomography  
sph   spherical  
spt.   spirit  
SR   sustained release  
SR   side rail  
ss   One half  
SS   soapsuds  
SSE   soap suds enema  
st.   let it stand  
Staph Staphylococcus
STAT, Stat, stat immediately  ,at once  
STD or STI   sexually transmitted disease or infection  
std. prec Standard precautions
stoma-   mouth  
Streph Streptococcus
STU   skin test unit  
supp   suppository  
Surg  , surg. surgery  
susp   suspension  
Sx   symptoms  
sym   symmetrical  
syr   syrup  
T  , temp. temperature  
T&A   tolnisllectomy & adnoidectomy  
T, C, DB   turn, cough, deep breat  
t.d.s.   to be taken three times daily  
t.i.d.   three times a day  
t.o.   telephone order  
T/C   type and cross  
T1-12   thoracic vertebra  
tab   tablet  
tachy-   fast, quick  
TAH   total abdominal hysterectomy  
TB   tuberculosis  
TBA   to be absorbed  
TBSA   total body surface area  
tbsp   tablespoon  
TCDB   turn, cough, and deep breath  
Te   tetanus  
tendo-   tendon  
TENS   transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation  
thrombo-   clot  
TIA   transient ischemic attack  
TIBC   total iron binding capacity  
TID  , tid Three (3) times per day  
TKR   total knee replacement  
TLC   tender loving care  
TMJ   temporomandibular joint  
tol   tolerated  
TOP  , top topical  
tPA   tissue plasminogen activator  
TPN   total parenteral nutrition  
TPR   temperature, pulse, respiration  
Tr or tinct   tincture ( a little bit)  
tri-   3  
TSD   time since death  
tsp   teaspoon  
TUR   transurethral resection of the prostate  
TURP   transurethral resection of the prostate  
TWE Tap water enema
tx   traction  
Tx, tx   treatment  
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