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World Geog Unit 3

Review for Mexico, Central America, & South America

What is Mercosur? An economic common market in South America with goals of free-trade among member nations and to make their economies more stable.
What are the economies of Central America & the Caribbean primarily (mostly) based on? agriculture and tourism
music that combines elements from Africa, Spain, and the United States calypso
a region that declared its independence from Mexico in 1823 United Provinces of Central America
Jamaican music that deals with social problems and religion reggae
This language of the Incas is still spoken by millions of native peoples today. Quechua
the place of origin of a major culture cultural hearth
a feast day celebrated with floats that parade through Rio de Janeiro Carnival
stresses obedience to authority over individual freedom authoritarian rule
What was the Treaty of Tordesillas? a treaty that divided South America between Spain and Portugal in 1494
an important trade route that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans Panama Canal
What is NAFTA? An important trade agreement that promotes economic prosperity of Mexico, the US, and Canada
What are maquiladoras? Factories along the U.S. border that manufacture goods for export
In 1929, the new political party that helped introduce democracy in Mexico was called the Institutional Revolutionary Party
Where did the Aztecs have their capital city? It was called Tenochtitlan and was on the site of present day Mexico City.
The ancient technique used to grow crops on hillsides or mountain slopes is called terraced farming
How did the Aztec fall under the rule of Spain? the Spanish conquest
This mountain range runs down the Pacific coast of South America the Andes Mountains
the grassy, treeless plains of Colombia and Venezuela are called llanos
What is slash-and burn farming? Atechnique used by native peoples of Latin America to clear fields to grow crops
most of South America's rainforest is in this country Brazil
What industry is growing in Latin America? tourism
How are the cultural influences that shaped Mexico and those that shaped Central America and the Caribbean similar? How are they different, and why? Think about this and be prepared to answer. Chapter 10 Sections 1 & 2 in your textbook discuss this information. Think about the following in your answer - which Europeans settled in each region (how are they the same & different) -Native influences - which area had African slaves brought there
Why is the disappearance of the Amazon Rain Forest a global concern? Because of the wide range of plant and animal species found there, unique ecosystem, and because it is an importance source of oxygen
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