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Chapter 8

Latin Vocab

taberna shop
gemma gem
margarita pearl
tabernarius shopkeeper
ornamentum piece of pie
anulus ring
linea string, line
digitus finger
collum neck
pretium price, value
sestertius sesterti (coin)
pecuniosus coin
gemmatus set with a gemstone
medius mid, middle
quartus fourth
viginti twenty
octoginta eighty
nonaginta ninety
vendit he/she/it sell
consistit he/she/it stops
emit he/she/it buy
aspicit he/she/it look at, look
abit he/she/it goes away
accipit he/she/it receive
ornat he/she/it adorns, wears
clamat he/she/it shouts, yells
monstrat he/she/it shows
constat he/she/it be fixed, cost
convenit he/she/it come together, meet
alius another, other
ille that
tantus so big, so great
quantus how large, as large as
satis enough
nimis too, too much
aut or
pronomen pronoun
Created by: stephaniem1999